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Fnatastic news! Rss

I finally have my little girl home with us where she belongs smile]
Was discharged from hospital yesterday morning and is doing alot better.

Just wanted to say a big Thankyou for all your support over the last few days means alot to me.

Thanks girls.

Love Mel xxx

Oh Mel,that is great news!!!

Now you need to take some time to recharge your batteries and get back to some kind of normal!

Very happy for you.

Love Pauline and family!

Great news smile) It must have been awful to have your little one away for so long sad( Enjoy some "normality" now! (())
That is wonderful news! I really hope you are all doing alot better!

Sending lots of love and hugs
Mel that is fantastic!! Hope Lachlan and Matilda are on the road to recovery, and don't do that to you again in a hurry
That is great news Mel, you must be so relieved smile]
Mel you know how absolutely excited I am that your babies are both home and on the road to recovery. Like I have offered 1000 times already if you need anything just holler smile
thats such great news mel!!! Good to hear smile
Mel, thats such great news! Enjoy those extra cuddles at home! xx

3 Little Ones to Love.....

YAY!! Mel I'm very happy to hear that Matilda is home with you.
Thanks Girls smile]

I am so relieved and happy to have my little girl home where she belongs.
Matilda seems to be doing ok bar the feeding only having 50mls every 3-4 hours if that.Last night Matilda had a bottle at 8.30ish and only had 30mls of it so i expected her to wake up during the night but no didnt wake up till 7 and then she wasnt even interested in it then only had 40mls if that.So hopefully she will pick up over the next day or so.
Other than that she is going ok and having her ventolin every 4 hours.

Thanks once again girls for everything.
Mel xxx

Glad to hear all are home and with you where they belong Mel.

Hope Matilda improves more and more as the day gets on and ups her ml's she drinks. Must have been rather worn out, nice big sleep last night, hope you got some much needed rest too.


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