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Anyone have a nintendo ds? Lock Rss

I brought myself a nintendo ds for chrissy with the bonus money. I've hardley used it because the games I brought are braintraing ones and I have no brain at this time. Dh convinced me to get dd a dora game and we've played it once and she actually did quite well for a kid not yet three.
So her brithday is coming up and we've being looking at games for her. Does anyone have any recomendations of any good ones? There seems to be heaps of speacials this week so I thought we could put one a way for her. Also does anyone know a good one that I might play myself, if I get any time that is. Thanks in advance.
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we got our kids a ds and then went to the local market and bought an R4 chip that has 150 games on it for $35. It was the best but ever and even better it is sooooooo easy to download games off the net.
what state do you live in?.. i have a ds and went to the market and bought a chip it has over 150 games on it.. i think i paid $60. It has everything from kids games, brain games, car games you name it.. it has it!
haha I thought you meant "anyone have a darling son?"

I was thinking... wtf??? lol

Yep and I also have a DD.
Thanks for the replies ladies. I'll look up that R4 chip on the net tomorrow. Sorry I didn't answers you posts earlier but dd is suffering from major cabin fever so I had to try and may her attention so she didn't get bored. Not that it seemed to work.

Oh and the ds thing didn't even occur to me until about lunch time and I thought I wonder if people would know what I meant.
Imagine Happy Cooking is a good one my 3 year old DS loves to play that. He also has Diego to. He will give most of them a try. He has an older style DS which is more robust than the Lite.

I won tonight of Ebay 2 games for my DD one for $9.50 and 1 for $8.50 and one is a New Release.

Havent looked into a chip.

I got a DS for Mothers Day and I play it every night after the kids go to bed .... I love it but the novelty is still new

For me I love The Sims and Sim City. I am in the middle of playing Princess Peach atm which is like Mario Bros

Yep my kids love having a go on it too. I got the Diego one for them and they manage it pretty well. I also got Ryan the Puppies one (where they look after a puppy they create) and the Ben 10 one for his 5th bday next mth
guaranteed to cause fights more than anything else in this world my mum bought one for ds1 last yr much to dh's horror.I was not aware of this but she had mentioned to dh as a xmas present for ds1 , dh said no but did not tell me so when my mum mentioned it as a b day pressie I said ok she has told ds2 she will get him one fior his b day he is so excited then dh recently told me does not want another in the house to tell mum not to buy one .I said tell her yourself he said she does not listen to me and goes behind my back to you so I said he can be the one to break Blakes heart and tell him he is not to get one .I am keeping out of it now
sorry to hijack your post but its caused nothing but trouble here! games wise your probably not interested in pokemon or ben 10 alien force lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Mine is actually hidden at the moment as dd chucked a major tantrum when she had to stop playing as she can only use it with us. I might get it out again tomorrow and time it so we are able to go out somewhere when she has to stop playing. I only want her playing with us rather then by herself. Anyway if she complains "it's mine". Siblings fighting over things is great isn't. I'm not looking forward to that aspect of 2 girls in the house.
Guitar hero on DS is pretty good...

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