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does a needle in your gum REALLY hurt? I'm getting my wisdom tooth pulled today sad
Hurts like hell... but only for a second, then blessed relief smile Good Luck smile
[Edited on 03/06/2009]
i dont think so and i dont like needles or pain
pinch yourself really really hard will be about that pain!
Yes its very painful but not as painful as childbirth or having your wisdom teeth out without it!
Just go to your 'happy place' Denae and you'll hardly feel a thing.
Fingers crossed they can pull it in the chair DF went to have his out and the tooth was that embedded the dentist couldnt pull it in the chair.. So he had surgery a week later and had all 4 removed..
Posted by: *4*darlings
Just go to your 'happy place' Denae and you'll hardly feel a thing.

Edward Edward Edward LMAO

Thanks girls, so you can all expect a huge whinge post about how much pain i'm in later haha
Stock up on the panadol and a good pack of peas for the swelling.
My old dentist used to rub my gum with numbing stuff before he inserted the needle and it NEVER hurt but my new dentist is a biiiitch and hurts like hell!!!

The only time it hurt me was when the dentist accidentally passed the needle in front of my face and I saw the size of it. I think they usually try to hide it but for me the pain must have been a mental thing.
oh come on now, dont be so sooky!! lol

how much did the price end up being?? I'm sposed to be having mine out on the 12th but have to change it cuz we'll be away. Spewing considering I've waited 4 months for this appt!!!

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