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seriously its like getting a massive needle in your big toe... LOL im so slack! dont worry babe US WOMEN are so STRONG.. we are wimps before hand but i think we handle pain much better than men.. FFS we birth babies..

Insist upon the numbing gel and the only thing that will hurt is the bill....
LMAO you girls are scaring me hahaha oh well i did ask for honesty

Will definately ask for the numbing gel. I hate needles, but its a mental thing for me lol

It's costing $300 for the wisdom tooth. My Orthodontist told me i don't need to get my wisdom teeth out before braces but recommended i get this one pulled cos it's growing on a slant and hurting my teeth
Nae needles from the dentist I fear! They hurt like hell!!! I get panicky when I have to go to the dentist, although its not like I have had a life of dentist needles! I only had my first filling about 4 years ago, and I have only had 3 fillings now all up!

I have never had a tooth pulled. Dh had his wisdom done in the chair...lets just say Never Again!

The dentist realised afterwards when looking at the tooth in his plier things 'wow it had longer roots than I realised, that should have been cut out in surgery not in the chair!'

DH's mouth bled for days and days and he was in agony for days and days too!

But you'll be fine love!! Don't let me scare you!!!!


It's not that bad, I'm a fainter with needles and I can cope with one in my gum.
The thought is so much worse than whats happening. I had one taken out in Jan (it was spare of the moment and im petrified of the dentist) and went back again to get the other out in April.
Close your eyes so you cant see what instrument they have. But seriously it isnt that bad. I had no trouble with mine after either, just took some nurofen the next day and all was good. i was really surprised with how well it went.

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For me, hell yeah it did.

But im so thankful now. I always had migraines/earaches etc.

So its better its out
Denae you will be fine - if my 5yo can have 2 needles in his gum, and not cry, you can do it too
Lets just say, I wouldn't be worried about the needle. lol

You'll be fine, it's not that bad.

Its like a little sting - all up I have had four normal teeth out and 3 wisdom teeth. The worst was getting root canal I had 8 needles and could still feel what he was doing - he then informed me if I were to ever give birth dont go near him - suprisingly I prefer birth and did it drug free lol so I think it is psychological lol

LOL oh god

my appt has been moved forward 3.5 hours lol my mummy is going to drive me there in case my gum decides to have a big bleeding fit
either I have gums like a bit of old boot leather or my dentist gives painless needles ...I have honestly never had a problem with them hurting ..

it is when the needles wears off that I have an issue ..good luck Denae will be fine !!smile]
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