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How many? Lock Rss

Prams have you had?
I have 3 twin prams
Double Mountain Buggy
Peg Perego Twin Aria
Steelcraft Twin Duo

5 singles
2 doubles
1 single with attachable toddler seat

and 1 umbrella stroller thrown in the boot of DH's car - just in case - which I dont count
2 prams one umbrella stroller over 4 kids

Cheers Ness

3 prams (would say that one of them saved my sons and my lives in a car accident so had to replace it)
and 1 stroller

3 prams and 1 stroller for 1 kid...

just 2

We currently have 3 prams (2 strollers and one jogger) but in total we've had 6 for 1 child! I'm hoping to buy a new pram for bubs soon as none of ours lay back flat and i'll let DD use the new pram for a few months in the meantime.

Edit: Actually we've had 7! I completely forgot we had a Quicksmart and I absolutely hated it and only used it twice.
[Edited on 04/06/2009]
2 prams and 2 strollers here.

One 3 wheel jogger that tipped while I was jogging and DD was a baby. Got rid of that.

One reverse handle steelcraft elite (I think) that I got to replace the jogger. I still have it and use it for DD (2.5y/o) depending on the terrain. Will use it for this baby.

One el cheapo umbrella stroller that I use for DD. It's lighter and easier to lift/push then the pram.

To be honest though I don't use any of them that much anymore. DD is old enough to walk I think!

I have 3 in total which i used on both kids but am considering a new one for the next bubs.

1 light weight stroller - still use on occassion for 2.5 yr old.
1 double Valco can't think of it (tandem)
1 which i still love but am considering giving the flick cos it's been in Dh shed for the last 2 years and probably faded. anyway it is a steelcraft Acclaim.

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