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Most expensive piece of jewellery you own? Lock Rss

Mine is my wedding ring... which was, urm, $250. haha

I'm using this as an excuse to get a new one, hubby is not yet convinced!! btw his wedding ring cost $350 and he has LOST IT!! grrrrr

what is the most you've spent on a piece of jewellery?

My engagement ring, its custom made and the original valuation papers value it at about $1300.00. My wedding ring will need to be custom made too but it won't be as flashy so that when I go back to study I don't have to take it off for clinicals etc.

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my engagement ring, DH designed it, picked the big stone and the little ones, I have no idea how much it costs but a few grand.
DH was considering having it insured, but I have never asked how much it cost.
My wedding ring is designed too, but I didn't get it done at a shop, it was around $400, but DH wedding ring cost more than mine lol.

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my wedding rings. I had a white gold set we bought for $600 which got too small when pregnant with DS (and was turning yellow), so we bought a platinum band for me for about $700.
My engagement ring, DF spent $1900 on it last December... no wonder we are poor lol.
$300.Gold bangle from Dp.

my engagement ring $3500 and my wedding ring is $1500 - therefore if I loose them im up shlt creek and there will be no point returning home lol

I also have a family ring which is from the 1800's so that is more sentimental value

I have a priceless macaroni bracelet that Bugs made for me last week at playgroup.
my man will only buy from one specialist jeweller, so everything he buys is expensive, but comes with valuation certificates. Best quality gold & diamonds.

Mine is my engagement ring which was $9k.


natty - i'd be too scared to go home if i lost mine too!! lol. thats why it's listed on our insurance smile


My $3000 engagement ring. I also wear all the time my $900 belchar link gold necklace.
OMG!!!!!!!!! 9K??????????

seriously....... we are looking at buying a second CAR and I wouldn't even want to spend 9K on that!!! lol

I think I would be scared to walk out the front door if I had 9 grand on my finger...... eek!

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