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What is THE most prized posession you have... and why is it so important to you... Lock Rss

No, Not the $$ value of it, not how much it cost, nothing like that.

And the answer is not your kids or family either.

Another thread on here inspired this post. But it's not the value of it that I am asking for.

It's the reason you love this 'thing' so so much and can't be without it.

For me: it's my Nan's engagement ring, (and her walking stick!). She passed away 11 years ago now, and I miss her so so so much. I couldn't care less to know what it is worth and won't ever find out, but the reason I love it is it was hers and she left it to me, she had other grandaughters and chose for me to have it. This ring is something that means everything to me. (and I loved her walking stick, so I have that too)

So how about you??

Hand kitted baby cothes that my grandma knitted 15 years ago, i love having something for my duaghter form a great grandma she never got to meet
I have a pale blue cord Billabong cap. It was worn by my best friend after she started losing her hair due to chemo. Just before her last stroke she told me to keep the hat and smile everytime I wore it. That was the way she told me she knew she was going to die and had accepted it. I wore it as I left the hospital, wore it when I visited her after the final stroke and was holding her hand saying goodbye. I wore it at her funeral and have never worn it since. It is in my bedroom and is often looked at, I smile as I remember Ness but can't bring myself to wear it again. It is absolutely my prized possession.
I really dont have one, everything I think of I really think I could do without or get a new one eg engagement ring, car etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Mine is my Nanna's jewellery box. She left it to me when she passed. In it I have a letter she wrote to me just before she died, telling me how much she loved me and how proud of me she was. I also have a small bottle of her purfume in there.

Sometimes when I'm down, I open it up and read the letter. The perfume makes it all smell like her and for a few moments I can believe she's still beside me, which always makes me feel a bit better about whatever is going on.

I miss her so much and that jewellery box means the world to me!!
My father's Surf Lifesaving bronze medallion. I was the only other person in the family to get one so it is something we shared. I also have a bottle of his aftershave that he always wore. I know it won't last forever, but sometimes when I really miss him I go and smell it. I close my eyes and imagine he is next to me.
A framed picture of my Grandfather and 4 other lifesavers posing on Surfers Paradise beach. They all founded the surf club which is now one of the busiest beaches in Australia. Sadly I never got to meet him.

Some crystal from Dh's grandmother, it has been in her family for a long time, she brought it to Canada from Slovenia in the 60s and then we shipped it over to Australia last year.
Polka dots, I read your post after I sent mine. I'm glad I am not the only sentimental sniffer LOL!
My kids have a bear that my mum got the day she was born, She passed away 10 years ago this month so none of them ever met her, Its nice that they have something of hers kwim..

The kids play with it, They take turns for it to sleep in their beds, Often people will comment that they shouldnt be playing with something that is so "special" but I just think why not, She'd love that they do kwim...
My grandpa's war medals and a set of cuff links as well. He left them to me because my husband is military and it always make me feel closer to him when I see the medals. Jon wears his cuff links on Anzac day and I feel very proud.

Sentimental sniffers, LOL. It does sound weird doesn't it?? But apparently smell plays a big part in memory, which is why it can conjure up so many emotions. We must have intelligent noses, lol.
I havent had anybody close to me pass away, all my great grandparents and grandparents that i am close to are still alive.

So for me it would be my childrens baby albums, I look at them every few months- they hold such great memories. If there were to ever be a fire in my house it would be the the only materialistic thing i would make sure i got out.
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Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

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