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What is THE most prized posession you have... and why is it so important to you... Lock Rss

I think this thread was a bad idea. I am bawling my eyes out!

R, your post really made me feel so sad. That is so beautiul.
I have a few.
First is a watch my grandma gave me before we moved to perth over 15 years ago.. I love it. Its only just fits as she had such tiny wrists.

The other 2 have only just been given to me.
One is a birth stone ring. It was my MIL's our birthdays are one day apart so we have the same birth stone. She had it since she was 18 so its very very special. I LOVE IT!! I will post a pic in a sec.
The other is MIL'S bottle of purfume she used to wear. I smell it everynight before I go to sleep. I miss her
Its a Vera Wang purfume. Very nice

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Mine is the wedding ring my Dad gave to my Mum.
She gave it to me many years ago and I wear it everyday.It wouldn't be worth anyhting but it is worth everything to me.

My dad passed away when I was 10.

I have a few....
I have my Great Grandmothers Engagement ring, in original box with the handwritten note to say who it was to be passed down too. It was given to me on my 18th birthday.
I have a penny that has been shaped into a diggers hat, this was given to me by my grandfather, he is the only grandparent that i truly remember, i have faint memories of my Grandmother but not really. All my grandparents have now passed.
I have also been told that i will end up with the family bible, which is a big leatherbound bible that has the family tree written in it along with newspaper clippings from the war etc etc that my great grandparents kept.

I'm pretty sentimental person and these things mean the world to me. I have lots of other random things, but these are the most treasured.

I dont have anythink, Dp does its a old old teddy. its ugly as has holes every where, he had it since he was about 2. its so heavy, its packed away in the cupboard. and he said he will leave me if i throught it out. so i guess it means so much to him
I have a few.

My Dog (soft toy), I call him my "Love me doggy" because that's what it says on his t-shirt. I was given it when I was 3 and has always been with me.

An A4 poster of Johnathon Taylor Thomas, because before I moved to Australia when i was 13 my best friend let me pick any poster off her wall, we were in love with him, lol. It was very generous of her because she LOVED her posters.

A book that my Dad wrote in, because he gave it to me before I left to moved here.

My Drum Kit, because music's always been a passion of mine.

My Camera and equipment, because Photography is also a passion of mine.

Oh, and my memories box.

[Edited on 05/06/2009]
Wow, Im not really a sentimental person at all! lol

I would have to answer this question, with My Camera!!!! Its my old 35mm SLR, It is my baby! I have taken many a photos on that thing and i dont use her anymore, but i just cant bare to part with her! I had two others that i sold, but not tis one! I may give it to my cousin to use for a while, she is getting into photography!

Other then that, well, i have a few necklaces from when i was little girl, and a bracelet, i cant wait for y girls to wear them! Few more years yet though!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

this is going to sound stupid ....but at the moment it would have to be my lap top has all my photos loaded onto it ...all th epics from when I was a kid for me and for jono ....all Lukes baby pics ...ALL the photos of my dad ...everything ..all on one lap top ...I would be running in from a fire to get the lap top !!
Not stupid at all Frankie. But I do think you should also back them up onto a memory stick or something, just in case!!!
Would be horrible to lose them all if something were to happen to the lappy.
For me it would be my photo's, they mean the world to me and I would be devastated if I lost them.

for me it would have to be a green emarald angel necklace my aunty gave to me bout 3 mths before she passed when i look at it i think of her looking down on me shes my angel and also a pair of gold diamond earrings she use to always wear she had them on when she died and a day to day cookery book that she had when she was in school all these mean the world to me

Mine would be a few things my MIL gave to us when DS was born. There are heaps of knitted clothes from when DS was a baby, a few toys etc. Also my baby book and DF's baby book, they both have cards from everyone our parents knew and also our first strand of hair from our first hair cuts etc, so they mean the world to me.
Also i would have agree with Frankie, my laptop as it has ALL our photo's on it, from before we were expecting DS, pregnancy pics, birth pics and a million of DS....... (i do have them backed up on an external hard drive though, just incase.)
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