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Commonwealth Bank SCAM!!!! Lock Rss

We got a few emails today from 'commonwealth bank' - asking us to do the usual reply with account details etc, obviously we did not.
We just rang bank and straght away a message came up about this scam, so PLEASE dont be a dumb ass and be careful!!

It must of been a big one to get on the phone banking thingy ??

I have had a couple of those emails today.
My hbubby rang the bank about it as well.

It's on the log in page for NetBank as well. I hope that no one has fallen for it.

WE started getting these on the work email a few weeks ago, and I let the bank know,and they asked me to forward to emails onto them. This week we've gotten them at home. On Monday there was a lady on our local news that did fall for it and very quickly lost about $3k. Poor lady.
I have been getting daily messages from them asking me to do a survey and get credited with $50 and also another saying that i have unread mail,funny thing is i dont bank with cba. when i contacted them they said alot of scams going around i had to forward the mail to them.
I havent had any of these emails yet, but did have a period about a year ago where I would get emails daily, the CBA said just to put into junk email folder.

Its a pity some people dont know how these scammers work, I feel for that lady who lost 3 grand (previous poster said).

i got those emails the other day. Didn't even open it because i dont have a commonwealth account lol
I've been getting them too (dont have a CBA account either) so just blocked sender but they keep coming.
I have had a few daily got one today for ST George so for those not so computer savy people dont update bank details through an email. BIG SCAM.

While I am replying Mrs M where have those 3 months gone why. How time is flying by..
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