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Mean Lock Rss

I have just read some mean and nasty posts around here.

Makes me feel sick.

Are people looking for fights?

I have been on this site for hust over a month now and its been great but from the things i have read recently i am so shocked.

I really think we should be a good help and rescource to eachother.

Of course i too have my own ways with my babies and my own opinions but i would never attack somebody for theirs and probably wouldnt post about "controversial' topics for fear of being sworn at in print!!! pathetic.

On the other hand like most mums on here, i love talking about my kids and offering and receiving advice and opinions but im not so naive to know that there is more than one way to parent.

For goodness sake leave it off the posts and let the mums who need the help not be afraid to ask for it!

thats just my opinion.
To be honest with you(i too have been attacked by some whack jobs) I don't think these people join to be supportive I think they join to stir sh!t in there other wise dull lives.
I also notice they disappear as quickly as they appeared.

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