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DH is a confirmed dirt bike rider and wants to get Bugs on a bike. She will be three in December ans that's the earliest I will allow it. We have a 5 acre property in Perth that she will learn to ride on. Has anyone on here put their kids on dirt bikes and how old were they?
Oh I'll be interseted in what people have to say here. MY Dh is determined to buy our boys bikes and the thought makes me want to be sick!
DH bought Ryan his first pee wee at 18mths. We are right into dirtbikes and all our camping trips revolve around riding

For the first couple of years I would ride the pee wee and one of he kids would sit in front - we too have a 5 acre block we would ride on

Ryan has only just started riding it in the last few mths on his own (and he is 5 in July). They make training wheels for them these days but we found they were just throwing his balance off so waited till he was ready to ride it with just the two wheels.

Our friends little boy was riding a pee wee with training wheels at 2.5!!!!
Yeah Luke has been ona bike ...his cousin has a 50cc and the band has been tightened so it can only go into 2nd gear and about 10k/h so someone can easily jog beside him (notice I said someone ....not me ..I am not built for running !! lol lol lol ) ...he has a little helmet adn little gloves and stuff can be a really sae and fun sport if your smart about it !!! ...I was parinoid cause Luke has perfect little knees ..I couldnt imagine them with skin off them !! lol lol ...but he has yet to come off ...he does really well ....

give her a go R ...she will love it !!
My kids all ride quads and love it.
Anita was 6 and Ayden was 3 when they first got them and now Abigail is 3 she is riding them too.
Posted by: mumcha
Oh I'll be interseted in what people have to say here. MY Dh is determined to buy our boys bikes and the thought makes me want to be sick!

lol S ... friends of ours have kids who have been on bikes since they were knee high to a grasshopper and they are now in their early 20's. They are great riders and and have never had a big accident on them cause they were brought up with them, taught safety etc from a young age. Plus with the pee wees you can control the speed they go so basically they don't go any faster than the 24V ride-ons if you don't want them to. The people we see come croppers on dirtbikes are those that buy them in their mid-late teens ... jump on them full of bravo and testosterone and don't fully appreciate a bike's power

We have a family friend who's son was brought up around them. He was at a national comp and came off. He was lucky to live but has spent the last year in a spinal unit learning to walk again.

It just makes me very nervous.

And last year there was a news story about a 3yr old riding a pee wee. Had full protective gear the lot - even proper helmet. He was going up and down a small bank and fell off going down and died at the scene - his head his a branch.

I'm a worry wort though and a total nanna with my boys. Mason's favourite thing to say is "oh be careful" to everyone!
My brothers and I were all riding motorbikes as soon as we could hold them up on our own so between 3 and 4 years old, My younger brother is 22 and is still racing and has been since he was about 4 or 5.

My kids dont have a bike yet, They have had a few go's at riding my nephews little peewee 50 but living in Sydney with no place for them to ride it buying one really hasnt come up yet, As soon as my inlaws move up to their farm my kids will be getting motorbikes!

Like Jo said, kids that grow up with motorbikes etc learn respect for them, and have HEAPS of fun in the process!
My son was 3 when he started riding his sisters 4 wheeler she now cant ride it as the Governor screw has been tightened and it also has a kill remote so you cant point the remote at the bike and it kills the motor and they cant restart it till the button is again pressed. He loves it and what my DF would do with 5 acres lol. He is already thinking about buying a bike that a bloke bought his son as all the kids at School had one and he has never ridden.

My opinion would be to go for a quad/ 4 wheeler than progress up lol..
Hey R

My DH is also a dirt bike rider so Noah has always been exposed to them and I knew it was inevitable he will be getting one while he is still young. Ive been delaying it as long as possible lol but we have just moved to a 3 acre property so it will be on the cards pretty soon for Noah to get his own quad bike. He is 3 in September but went on his first ride on a motorbike with DH when he was 2 and has been on several times since then.

Has been a big adjustment for me as I was raised very anti-motorbikes as my mum had a major accident on one as a teenager and broke both legs so it was a big deal to her when I married a bike rider LOL (then followed the "i told you so's" when he had a major accident when I was 8 months pregnant LOL)

So yeah I would say Noah was 2 but not on his own bike yet although its coming!

My dp bought our 3 1/2 year old son a pw50 a few months ago. He got him some training wheels from yamaha but hasn't fitted them yet & proper riding gear/helmet. So far he's been riding around the yard with him on the front (very funny to watch...6ft5 man riding it..hehe) just getting him used to it & letting him accelerate & brake. They haven't had a chance yet, but should be taking him riding pretty soon with the wheels on.

I was pretty nervous at first, but after seeing it & knowing you can adjust the speed to how fast you want them to go, i'm pretty confident in him. Plus he loves it!! He usually goes straight into the shed after kindy to check on it & have a pretend ride. Dp wants to get him into go karts when he's a lil older & mould him into a v8 supercar driver..hehe.


hi i don't like them either... i was a firm NO to motorbikes... well DH's parents said well if i wont let DH get him one then they would get it for him.. they got it for xmas when he was 3... its a 4 wheel one.. i won't let him ride it but DH does.. and DH is never home so he rarely rides it DS1 is 5 now, DS2 is almost 3 and im sure would have a go if it was brought out...

i can just see them hurting themselves... to me its dangerous but i don't know much about it.. i want to learn to ride one myself.. but just so i know how do do it lol...

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