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How old were your little ones when they moved into a big bed? Lock Rss

as per subject, when did you move bubs from their cot?
13.5 months... she's a climber.
yeah it seems to be a balance between them climbing out and having to baby proof their room hmmmm...
grrrr double...
[Edited on 07/06/2009]
DS1 was 16mths due to the impending arrival of DS2...

DS2 (17mths) climbed out of his cot a couple of weeks ago so we took the side off the cot and finally found and ordered a 'big' boy bed for him, we had been looking and wanting to get him into a bed at about the same age DS1 was as we found the transition easy at that age. Just waiting for his bed to arrive so he'll be about 18mths by then.

We moved Violet into her big girl bed last weekend. She is 22months. I was changing bedrooms for the girls and the cot wouldnt fit thru the door and I couldnt be bothered waiting for Hubby to come home and dismantle it.
Honestly, Im finding she is sleeping far better in the bed than she ever did in the cot.

Oh and the dummy got trashed at the same time.


Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Wow, I like the ditch the dummy idea!
Ditching the dummy was fantastic!!!!!
I cut the ends off all the dummies then when it came to sleep time Violet popped it in her mouth and it wouldnt stay in. She tried them all. LOL. So we decided to throw them out the window because they were broken. They are sitting in our garden and everyone comments when they see them. LOL. Violet has coped really well and not asked for a dummy since.


Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

2 1/2
14 months, to a toddler bed.

12 months into a proper single bed thought there was no point buying a toddler bed when he will soon out grown it and have to buy a bigger one for him

our 2 boys were not climbers:
DS1 was 19mths, in preparation for an interstate holiday and didn't want to take a port-a-cot
DS2 was 13mths, very unsettled and hitting head in the cot. Put him in the top bunk (they were in separate beds, not acgtually set up as bunks) but it had the rails all the way around so it was ideal. He is now 26 mths and still hasn't got out of bed.
I think doing it before they can climb in/out if possible is the best thing. It's not such a novelty then.

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

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