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How old were your little ones when they moved into a big bed? Lock Rss

10 months. She just will not settle in a cot any more, so we bought a guard rail and big girl bed it is!

9 months as he settled better in the BIG bed than the cot he would wake himself up in the cot. As he never learnt to stand in a cot either he never fell out..
DS was 12mths old
DD1 was 13mths old both climbers
DD2 is 19mths & still in her cot, sleep so well while shes safe in there she can stay in it.

DS1 was about 2 and DS2 will be the same. Neither were climbers but we needed to cot for DS2 and will need it for DD soon. I think I am going to dread moving DS2. He is such a cheeky devil and I think we will have trouble keeping him in there. Time to put the child gate up I think!
she's still in a cot at almost 18 months.

i dread moving her into a big bed as she is an escape artist.
while i can "confine" her to a cot, i will LOL
Merinda was 19 months before she got into her big bed....

DS was 11 months when he went to he's car bed, he only went then because he was hitting hes head on the side of the cot an waking up during the night.

5 out of the 6 were closer to 2 yrs

Amos was a climber so he was 14mths

My DD was 11 months old. My DS1 was around 15 months old and my DS2 was around 15 months aswell.
From cot to toddler bed... around 18 months or so

From toddler bed to big bed... last week, she will be 3 next month.
We are in the process of getting DD's new bedroom ready for her.. She's moving down the hallway to the back bedroom (as we would like baby#2 to have her room)

We are making her new room really fun and girly so she will be happy to move into it, and at the same time she will be going into her big girls single size bed.. This is all going to be done for her 2nd birthday.. she's a climber but really good in the cot so im not fussed when i move her....

Matt was 2 yo Chelle.

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