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i need to find out how to make a iggle piggle cake any ideas
A cake decorating store may have tins for hire - then just decorate! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

go to sign up look under search type iggle piggle or in the night garden and it will do a search for u for a few ideas

you could make 2 square cakes and cut out a iggle piggle head shape then iether decorate with buttercream icing or RTR (ready to roll icing ) coloured blue but grab a blue paste colour in the cake decoartaing shop dont use liquid one it will make rtr all sticky and use paste in blue to in the buttercream otherwise ya add to much blue the icing will go all bally with lil butter lumps thingys in it doesnt look go at all heheh good luck babes xoxoxox
We made this Iggle Piggle for Paige's 1st Birthday. I just found a template from a colouring book cos there weren't any good ones online, enlarged it and went from there.

I used 2 buttercake mixes in a lamington tin (I think that's what it's called). Cut out all the pieces and used 2 different tones of blue for the icing. Let me know if you haveany other questions.
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