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So angry right now Lock Rss

DD's dad is dodging every system you could think of so that he didn't have to pay child support for his daughter for the past 8 months and now it's all been written off his arrears.

Only responsibility he has at this stage and he rorts the system so he gets out of it.

I want to punch him.
so punch him!

or dob him in somehow

I only see him when he has contact with DD, so I can't get stuck into him...

And I don't have proof to dob him in.

Stupid deadshiit. Breathe, breathe, chill, chill.....
he's the loser in all of this. If he wants to be a deadbeat dad, he's the one that will live to regret it. Men can be complete arseholes. I have no advice, just wanted to let you know i sympathize with you.
Thanks for that smile Just really shiits me that just when I think he's got his act together, it all goes to crap again. Wish he'd get a clue for DD's sake, and for my sanity lol
can you cut off access to ur DD until he pays?

KellynDarcy I'm seriously thinking of doing that, but if he ever took me to court it would look very bad for me! Plus he barely sees her as it is anyway, it would just piiss him off and make things worse.
so what do u mean by being written off in arears? not sure i understand. I didn't think they could get out of paying CS.

Aw, deadbeat dads suck big fat hairy ones! Please don't let his crap get you down. xoxo

As far as I am aware, if he puts a tax return in this year (or ever), CSA will take it off him and give it to you and it will come off what he owes you.

Big fat hugs

My eldest DD is 22 in July and I got not one cent for her.

It wasnt worth the added stress and in the long run when she got older I could tell her.

No point worrying about it really it isnt. When it comes to the crunch you can say to everyone including DD you raised her soley yourself.

It would help you I know but its not point adding undue stress to your life.

If you take on board what another PP has said and deny him access your only hurting the child in the long run.

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