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Good maturnity bra's Lock Rss

Well it looks like Lila is going to be successful Booby Ornament which I am so pleased about. Soooo it seems worth my while getting some new maturnity bra's. I have two that I have had for years and they are not to comfy. So can anyone suggest/recommend a brand or store for bra's. I have to wear one 24/7 otherwise I leak so they have to be comfortable.

hot milk brand ROCK!!. you may have to wait a while to get them, but well worth it all.

i.e. they fit properly and are comfy and look damn fine to boot:

one of the many sites offering hot milk
I got mine from blest bras <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

I found a promotion code on the net and got 10% off... i love it!!
Cool thanks for that, I'll go have a peak at the sites now.

Thanks again ;o)
I live in NQLD and our Figgers store sells the Hot Milk bras so you can go and try them on (cause I got 3 diff sizes cause of the diff styles). They really are very comfy and look great. I brought a couple.
I found Elle McPherson maternity bras fantastic. They're so comfortable - I wore them to bed at night and it felt like I was wearing nothing. You can usually get them from Myer or David Jones.
I got mine from Bras n Things

Were about $44.95 from memory.

They were the comfiest ones i reckon!
Thanks heaps for all your replies ladies. I'm going shopping today so I'll pop into Bra's n Things and have a look see.

Thanks again
I use the hot milk bra's. They r a great fit and they go up to the larger sizes and cup sizes, e.g. F,G,H. Being bigger breasted i found these to be great for the bigger sizes and very comfy.

Hot Milk all the way for me! I bought mine from Because I bought two sets of four at once, they gave me a pretty big discount, which is great considering they are discounted to begin with! Yaya!

I love my hot milk bra's they are so comfy. I brought mine from a store at DFO.
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I too had to waer mine 24/7 cause' of leakage issues (arrrggghhh despite that fact i didn't have much milk and couldn't afford for them to leak LOL!!) and i found the BONDS Maternity Bra's the comfiest...

Goodluck x

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