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swine flu dilemma, what would you do? Lock Rss

my parents are flying to melbourne today for a holiday and there is so many cases of swine flu that my dh has said that he doesnt want them to see us or our girls for 7 days after returning just in case they catch while over there, anyway they are meant to babysitting for us when they come back and it will day 4, mum saw her dr yesterday she said dont worry about it cos wa will be bombarded with in the next few weeks, i have app with my dr on monday for needles so will ask what he thinks, would you keep away or would you see them? is as bad as what the media making it out to be?

Personally i would be with your husband on this one. Im SA anyway cases are fairly low last i heard i think it was only 14, where in Vic it is booming.

while its unfortunate it probably woudl be best to be on the safe side, not only for your childrens sake but your own and any of yoru friends. Because if you or your kids get it you have to be isolated and i think that woudl be rather restricting.

At the end of the day, it is just a flu, but with no vaccine (and just as you would with any othe rillness) you should do what you can to stop its spread.
well i'm a victorian!! oink oink!!!
Seriously i think its a bit of an over reaction, however if it makes you feel better then i spose quarantine your mum!!!
to be honest I dont think its as bad as they make out but would be better to stay away our school(nsw) sent a home a note yesterday stating that anyone who has travelled to USA, Mexico,Panama, Japan,Canada and Greater Metropolitan Melbourneshould be excluded from school for seven days after arriving home

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

At the end of the day its up to you and DH.

To the best of my knowledge the NZ govt has just given power to shut down any school or day care centre that has a certain percentage of students who develop swine flu. Dunno if that help in any way, just a random piece of info

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I think it's only something you can decide to be honest. I am in VIC and I can tell you the prevalence of it here doesn't thrill me and I certainly hope nobody in this household gets it but not because of the disease, I just think I would go nuts with the quarantine that's all LOL. From all I have heard it is actually a very mild flu and the virus itself is not of concern to me, it's just the media beatup and mass hysteria associated with it that concerns and and I REALLY don't want to be forced into quarantine. I think you do need to respect your husbands views and I am sure you mum would be fine with it but yeah, does pose a problem with the baby sitting. It is my understanding that the incubation period is very short and if she's supposed to be baby sitting 4 days after they get back and she's not showing any signs of illness at all you would probably be clear to have her baby sit but it's still a risk. but there is the risk of you kids picking up the regular flu at the local shops anyway.

I have a similar dilemma at the moment – my sister and her husband live in Melb and are coming to stay with us in a few weeks and I am a little nervous as I have a newborn. In a perfect world I would hope we could leave it til at least Day 4 to see them but thats not really feasible, we will prob see them starting Day 2. But everyone I talk to says its a lot of media hype and at the end of the day is just another still really unsure. Will still be organising flu shots for us all except India is too young.

thanks everyone for your thoughts,

good luck noaho6 india09 mum i hope your family dont get it either.

Posted by: vkw
to be honest I dont think its as bad as they make out but would be better to stay away our school(nsw) sent a home a note yesterday stating that anyone who has travelled to USA, Mexico,Panama, Japan,Canada and Greater Metropolitan Melbourneshould be excluded from school for seven days after arriving home

I am in WA and we got this same letter ...

I'm on the side of better to be safe than sorry. I really don't know too much about swine flu but I am sure the normal flu spreads as fast as this, just no-one tracks it. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I got back from Melbourne last week and I never gave it a second thought. Even walking throught he airport and on the plane I was never worried about it....
Im in WA also and DF is working at one of the affected schools (Scotch College) and he didnt even get a letter or anything, continuing on like normal is there theory and you know what, no one else is sick! They tried handing out tissues LOL What is that supposed to do, i dont know LOL
It is pretty much like the normal flu, its not nice, but its the flu!!! No reported deaths in Australia yet, as our healthcare system is alot better than Mexico etc....
I wouldnt be worried about it IMO
I was at my Drs yesterday and they have to have signs up to inform patients.
I asked my Dr how big a thing it really is.

My Dr is a huge immuniser...says everyone should have the flu vacc and is up to date with all the current info...he is a part of the emergency response team for perth. He also can't believe there are still people out there that wont immunise their kids etc...

He said his personal opinion is this swine flu is a load of rubbish. "piglet flu" has killed less then 20 people worldwide in a very underdeveloped country.

The normal flu kills more the 2500 people each year, yet there isn't this reaction.

He says the piglet flu has similar symptoms to the normal flu, but probably even milder and if the whole population got it we would have a country of people with an excellent immunity to that type of flu. If we have good sewerage/water systems, have good medical facilities and do the basics of good hygeine like using tissues, washing hands etc then nobody should be at risk of fatality in a country like Australia (I would expect this may be different for remote communities though).

I tend to agree with him...and just the same as the normal flu, newborns, asthmatics and elderly need to be careful as it can affect the respiratory system....but other then that, it just seems like the flu.
An overreaction from the hyped up media yet again.

But then, I am not affected and none of my family are. if there was a risk, i might think twice...
don't know until I am personally put in the situation...
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