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Pets? Rss

What pets do you have?

Did you have them before you had children or did you buy them for your children?

We don't have any pets at our house..... DD is allergic to almost everything with fur! sad

We have a big tank with 3 fish, and Merinda has gotten to the curious stage LOL of wanting to feed them.....never been an issue before.

I have a cat but she lives with my parents as I rent. Besides that mongrel (LOL just kidding) hasnt really liked me since I have been pregnant with Merinda, and she absolutely hates Merinda.

Im looking around for a nice little dog though.

We have am aquarium full of goldfish, sucker fish and loaches. About 40 fish all up.

And two beautiful boys, one a rottweiler cross and the other a staffy. I'd love a cat but DH is allergic to them.
Our pets are 2 dogs and 10 chooks that the kids play with and look after, one dog - a cocker spaniel- we have had since before kids and got the other a kelpie last week, the chooks were also after kids, we do also have sheep and cows and if we end up with orphans the kids also feed and raise them
I would love a mini foxie but we rent and its a no go. We have had pets in the past 12yrs
Budgies (DS1 was allergic) got give to Nan
Angel (dog, bitsa) we moved and had to rehouse her
Dusty (Alaskan Malamute) after a tree fell on the fence in a storm he knew there was life on the other side of the fence and we couldnt keep him in, we were close to a main road so rehoused him
Lucy (Husky) We took her in for friends but she fell ill and had to be put down
Harley (crossbreed) We couldnt stop him biting me and I didnt want him to bite the kids so he was rehoused.

We had a multitude of little fish till DS1 cracked the tank when he was 2yrs old.

Cheers Ness

we have a golden retriever 6 years and a persian like cat 14 years.
Both incredibly fluffy.

DD is only 18 months, so had the pets a lot longer.

My DH is allergic to animal fur. I had the cat before i met him and we chose the dog together.
With the cat, the first 6 months of living together he would sneeze constantly...but then nothing.
With the dog same thing.
When we go out and there are pets, he always take medication as he really is affected, but he has built up an immunity i guess to our pets.

DD absolutely loves animals. She is so gentle with them, is cautious around "strange" animals, but when she pats them it is a gentle stroke. everyone comments on how gentle she is.

The dog loves her, she "walks" him with the lead and he slows down to a snail pace and seems to know which direction she wants to go as he just goes, doesn't pull or anything.

The cat hates her, but if i sit with the cat and DD pats her, she tolerates her and even purrs on occassions. DD again, strokes gently.

It is lovely to watch!!!
We have 2 dogs currently and we are TTC #1. DP and I were both bought up around pets, so we plan on doing the same with our children. We have:-
Abby - Jack Russell x Fox Terrier. She is 4 years old and is our inside dog. She has next to no hair so I could never put her outside
Chevy - Blue Cattledog. He is almost 2 years old. Just getting out of the puppy stage and becoming a really good dog

Thanks for your replies.

Kyles14, I had heard that you can eventually build up an immunity to allergies involving fur, but I have been allergic to cats my whole life and so is DD, so wouldn't want to put her through it for 6 months!! LOL!

My Mum has a chocolate coloured poodle called Jasper and DD and him are great mates! He's fabulous cos he has wool so no hair gets left in the house and DD can cuddle up to him without sneezing.

We did get her 2 guinea pigs a couple years back, but every time she touched them her skin would come up in a rash. And she'd start sneezing and rubbing her eyes. So we had to re-house them at the neighbours place.

I am a huge animal lover, and both my kids are very good with animals, very gentle.

I would dearly love to get a dog, but probably won't until the kids are a bit older. For now, we get our fix when Mum and Jasper come to stay.

I have heard labradoodles are excellent for allergy sufferers and they still look cute!
Maybe just looking into allergy friendly dogs is the way...

I had a cousin who always had allergies, her eyes went red around cat fur and had itchy skin. her parents hoped she would grow out if it, so never got rid of the cats...and she never did. even as a kid i thought it was cruel on her, she always looked sick! but they wouldn't get rid of the cats!

Maybe it is just have Jasper as a foster pet!!!!
My old landlord had an allergy to fur and they had a dog with hair not fur. Not entirely sure what sort of dog they had.

Maybe when you go to your mums teach your dd proper hygiene etc not to touch her face after petting the cat and washing hands etc!
Posted by: Ellenz
My old landlord had an allergy to fur and they had a dog with hair not fur. Not entirely sure what sort of dog they had.

Maybe when you go to your mums teach your dd proper hygiene etc not to touch her face after petting the cat and washing hands etc!

My Mum is the one with a poodle, so shes fine at Mums place.

Being allergic to cats myself, I don't even have to touch a cat to become sneezy and itchy. If the cat hair is in the house, then it affects me. And for some reason cats seem to migrate to me and brush up against my legs etc, its almost like they sense that I want to pat them but can't! LOL!

I have been wanting a pooch for years -seriously, years; DH didn't think they were worth it all never having had a pooch of his own.

That was until he saw me with an aunt and uncle's German Shepherd, he said the transformation he saw was enough, and organised a fox terrier for me for my birthday.

Sweet, I say, I get my pooch finally (only took 5 or 6 years). Guess who is the pooch's biggest bud nowadays, no brainer really. AND we're sure the pooch/fur baby will get on fine with our real baby/clean skin due in Sept of this year.
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