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Pets? Rss

we brought Livvy a little puppy about 2 months ago. we got a pure bread shisztue as we've know 3 seperate families with them and that type of dog is great with kids.

and Izzy has been a great addition to the family! and i love that she loves cuddles...i love cuddly dogs haha

we have two medium sized dogs. one is a pitty, the other a red cattle x.
they are 9 and 10 years old and DH has had them since they were pups. both were rescue dogs.

We also have a tank full of african cyclids, suckers, and some other assorted weird fish.

i have always been brought up around pets and i think its an important thing for kids to experience, and a great joy to any family.
i would love to buy a pet for ashlee like a rabbit or something but they make so much mess and i'd be scared it would end up dinner for the dogs!
Hi i have 2 Golden Retrivers, a dwarf lop rabbit, 3 love birds, 1 pink and grey galah, 6 chooks and 4 alpacas (1 had a baby alpaca last week)

All of them i had before getting preg (the amount of Alpacas change all the time though depending on what i buy and sell and who is dropping but the 4 mentioned are ones who will be with me for ever!!!!!
4 cats. 3 snakes. 9 fish, a billion snails, some crabs and a start fish ( snails and crabs and star fish are salt water. rhylie has the star fish) the murry cod was bought just before rhylie was born to grow up with him. very soon rhylie will be picking out soem more fish.
dogs with hair = malamutes etc. poodles etc.
X breeds are especially good as you generally breed out any bad points about the breed. For instance ppl breeding shi-zu's with maltese to make the snout longer and there for reducing the risk of breathing issues in the breed.
If your DD doesn't have an issue with your mothers poodle you will probly find that a poodle cross will be just fine and most breeders will allow you to visit a few times and check that DD wont react to the puppy before you take it home!
we have 2 dogs, A staffy X and a Great Dane X Mastiff. Both dogs we had before DD and DF is also allergic but has built up an immune to them.
Good luck x
Labrador, Kelpie Cross. We've had her for 7 years now so well before kids (DH got her 2 days after he proposed lol).

Used to be a bit of a problem with her and DD because the wind from her tail waving would knock DD over but now they get on like a house on fire smile].

The best thing we ever did was while DD and I were still in hospital after the birth my DH would bring home the soiled baby clothes every day and go sit outside with Jess with the baby clothes on his lap so that Jess got used to DD's "smell". We've never had problems with the two of them together (there have even been a few times where we've been pleasantly surprised at how well Jess handles Cassie) and Cassie loves to go out with Greg to help feed Jess etc.

We have a 6.5 month old kitten that we got in February (DD was 23 months), she absolutely loves him even if she's not great at being gentle. When she was born we were living with my family and they have 2 dogs so she's pretty used to animals.
We have:

* 2 dogs both staffy X. 1 female named Shadow (we had her before kids). and 1 male named Boof (he is shadows son, and was born when DS was 1).

* 1 cat. male named Black. He was got when I was pregnant with DS and he loved my pregnant belly. He is great with the kids.

* 1 ferret. Female named The Mum. She is DH's. And he breeds her. She was hand reared so she is very friendly. All she wants to do is to be held.


We have a male rottweiler. He's such a terror. He absolutely loves my DH but when i go into backyard he attacks me and gets viscious. We bought him when i fell pregnant and of course i loved him until he got big lol..thinking of selling him before bub can start walking as not sure how he will be. Might swap him for a little yappy dog smile
We have 2 cats, one, Percy, came with my DH and Tawney was my grans cat who we took in (I had promised Gran when she got the cat that I would look after her if she got to the point where she couldn't) and Milly who is my poor old girl of 16 who was obviously prekid too, and and lastly we have Pan the rat who was bought after DD. We are also planning on extending our fur kids number by adopting a cocker spaniel puppy at the end of the year.

Oh and all those who say they can't while renting, why not? We are also renting, landlords/estate agents are actually not allowed to discriminate on the grounds of pets.

I find fish very relaxing and a perfect pet for a person with mental diseases. Their grace calms down your mind in every situation. On the other hand, they don’t need your attention or your time which is again a plus. And the aquariums are not only about fish, you can put other underwater animals in there, like startfish, bristle worms. Plus, the aquarium is highly customizable, which can keep your attention away from problems
We have am aquarium full of goldfish, sucker fish and loaches. About 40 fish all up.

And two beautiful boys, one a rottweiler cross and the other a staffy. I'd love a cat but DH is allergic to them.
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