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sympathy needed and any stories on broken ankles?! Lock Rss

I have an incredibly bad ankle...did it at netball (stupid sport) and after an xray, I have broken the ankle...

I am off to an orthopedic surgeon next week, so am certainly getting it seen too.

So as the subject describes, yes i want everyone to feed my "woah is me" attitude right now (LOL)
anyone have a broken ankle too?

How long was recovery?

Apart from a cast, which i thought any dr could do, why would i need an orthopedic surgeon...what would he do?

In between surgery and now, could you walk/drive?

anything i need to know?

I have had a knee reconstruction for a torn ACL prior (stupid netball again) and this pain far outweighs the knee.
but recovery was a long time...
anyone know what the comparison is like???

The pain i have had...worse then childbirth...couldnt believe anything could be as painful, but this was, as no break in between!
And the swelling and bruising...oh it is gross to look at!
thankfully with drugs, it just goes numb and i can't feel a thing, until i touch it or put any weight on it.

Done many ankles in my netball career, never experienced anything like this before!!!!
Ha, sorry to hear your news!
I broke my ankle whilst 6 mths pregnant, a week before my hubby left for Hawaii with Army - such perfect timimg!!!
I slid very ungracefully down a couple of stairs, and sat my fat preggers bum down on my foot. I couldn't get up, or walk.
An xray showed I broke both bones, pain wasn't so bad, or so I talked myself into that cos I couldn't take drugs cos of baby. I was actually prescribed codine tabs, when I got the script filled the pharmacist said "oooooh, no, not when ur pregnant" so didn't take them.
It swelled up mzjorly, had to have a backslab for a few days then a cast up to my knee. No surgery needed cos I didn't walk on it so bones stayed in-line, luckily.
Hope your recovery is quick. Atleast u wont get the stares I got from people when they saw my fat belly and broken ankle LOL

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

The ortheapodic (sp) might be because your bones are out of line, I guess it depends what sort of break you have.

Know this is completely different but when dp broke his hand, I've never broken anything he had to have surgery to put a plate in to realign it. And he had pins in the side of his hand to keep a break there in place he never actually had a cast he had a plastic support for his hand that he wasn't meant to take off but being a boy he did of course
Thanks for your replies.
I am not pregnant, but do have the fat belly LOL!!!!

I asked nurse aunty of mine regarding the ortho surgeon...i presume it would be the same for hands as well...apparantly they send everyone to one as in the ankle there are so many ligaments,and ligaments don't have a blood supply. if the break has 2 or more breaks, there could be a lot of blood loss, and not much blood coming back so the bone could die.
Always better to be safe then sorry with ankles apparently! they hold too much weight! and with the fat belly, my ankles hold a hell of a lot of weight! LOL

my nurse cousin on facebook says not to mess with ankles too, get a good surgeon or you will pay later. i hope the one i have is good!

My normal Dr isn't too sure what the main damage is as yet...the xray report said no break, but he said that one of my bones is bumpy and should be smooth, so it has to be broken, but doesnt get how.
Probably because i am so abnormal! smile
it also doesnt help with all the swelling, has interfered with the xrays...
and also doesn't help when netball has been a part of my life forever, and thus ankle injuries and he pointed out all my other injuries i have had that you can see on the xray! pretty scary!!!!
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