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we are having a girls night in movie night on saturday, and im planning on making so bad, bad, food.
Any ideas??? yummy recipes???
im thinking brownies, fudge ummm anything that includes chocolate really smile]
Chocolate oreo slice.

2 pkt oreo biscuits crumbled
1 cup of rice bubbles
1/2 cup of dessicated coconut
150g melted chocolate buds
melted copha

Mix together and let set. Top with chocolate on chocolate icing!
[Edited on 10/06/2009]
I'm currently craving mars bar slice....

Mars bar slice yummo and Rum balls!

MMM Toblerone dip with strawberries, marshmallow and banana dipped in!!!
DH makes the best caramel slice ever!! mmm...brownies!!

Hmmm....... What about some chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallow's etc

Here is a website, with ALL choccy recipes! Enjoy!!

thanks girls i bought stuff for truffles and brownies
i will pm ya my choc nut bubble crunch slice recipe mmmm sooo friigin nice hehe i make it for bdays and chrissy prezzies hehehehe delectable and moreish and soooooooooo naughty lol xoxoxo
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