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just recieved an email from diablo events to say gordon ramsey is cancelled in perth, i have been so excited since january when i purchased the tickets to go to him.

i know he is very out spoken but i think he is great, he is who he is and no one will ever change that.

I am a huge Gordon fan, always stay up late to watch his shows.
i am not a channel 9 fan, let alone a tracey grimshaw fan.

but, i do think he went well and trully beyond what is acceptable and what is not.

is cancelling another publicity stunt?
I heard when he has a new resturaunt opening or a new book out, he always does something controversial to help get his face on the front cover of everything.

I also heard that he was struggling to sell tickets to his maybe that is why he is cancelling, not necessarily linked to the tracey dramas.

I think he is losing his appeal! i don't get how people find him attractive either...he looks old and ragged to me! but as i said, i was a fan, i loved how he told it how it is...and usually i agree...when he says you are a lazy f'n git it is because you are one! but not in tracey's case.

Maybe it will be on when the media frenzy has done its job and his face is all over the world, not just Australia at the moment! smile
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