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Tooth turning grey!! Help please Lock Rss

Ds bumped his tooth a couple of weeks ago hard enough that it bleed a bit, But last night cleaning his teeth I noticed it has started to turn grey so he has obviously done some sort of damage he is only almost 4 so its still his baby tooth but I'm wondering do i take him to a dentist or what and also how long will it take before he loses the tooth?

[Edited on 11/06/2009]

I would take him to the dentist as they are the professional and would give you the right advice

Don't worry too much, unfortunately knocking those front teeth is a common thing with kids sad I ran into a friend today who's little boy who is almost 4 and he knocked his out and they decided to leave the gap given his second tooth will be coming through in a couple of yrs

Good Luck
My ex had the same thing with his tooth. His tooth had severe nerve damage, and he had root canal, but i would say TO ME, it sounds like the tooth has dies. I would get him into a dentist ASAP
DS is missing his front tooth from the same. His had an infection (absyss) and needed to be pulled out...

If it has just turned grey they won't do anything with it until it falls out on it's own...

Don't stress about getting to a dentist unless there is an infection there...

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DS (2) did the same about a month ago. Took him to the dentist, and she said it would be 1 of three things - bruised which will clear up, bruised with enough damage it will stay grey, or enough damage was done and the tooth had died.
She said to watch carefully for any ulcers or changes to the gum which could be a sign of infection.
DS's tooth is slowly starting to turn back to white so his was just bruised.
Darkening is a sign that the tooth is dying - very common after hard knocks.

Dont leave it, best to have it looked at by a dentist, he can let you know whether further treatment is required or whether the tooth just be monitored.

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