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all you smarty pants out there that are awesome at making and decorating cakes i need your help. I really want to do a car birthday cake for Cohen's birthday but i really don't have any idea how to do it lol

Sooooooooooooo can anyone help me at all or even better make it and send it to me LOL

These are the cakes i have made. I basically get a toy and model it with cake and soft icing.

wiggles cake
tow mater
carousel cake
pirate ship
mickey mouse clubhouse cake

If u want to do a car cake i would go onto ebay and get a 'wilton car mould' otherwise check out some cake shops around as some places hire them out for about $5, I bought one off ebay cause i knew i owuld get heaps of use out of it... i think i paid about $40 inc postage.

PM me with u wanna ask me anything.

Another idea which i have done with my car cakes is buy some little torches that u usually find on keyrings and push them on the front as headlights.. i usually put them in last minute cause its a pain pulling them in and out to turn them on and off, but everyone always comments on the 'working lights'....just a thought

yup cake decorating shop definately hres them out which is much cheaper than buying one plus you could also go onto ebay and get one of the old cake decorating book womans weekly with the train on the front they hav cakes u can carve into cars and other things with full instructions good luck babes xoxo
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