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You know you live in a "great" neighbourhood... Lock Rss

When a police chopper has been flying around REALLY close by for about 15 mins!

I swear it sounds like its hovering over my house!
Oh scary!! All the doors & windows locked?

Yes! lol! This happens to us every 2nd weekend or so! Makes you feel so safe doesnt it..And I hate it when they shine their huge spotlight near our house!
LOL i know!

And our kitchen window doesnt have curtains r a blind on it n everytime the sensor light in the back yard turns on i try not to look out the window when i walk past LOL i reckon id die if i saw a shadow or a person!
Oooooh, not good. Makes me thankful that I live in a small town where not much happens at all. Can't say we've ever had a police chopper hovering near our house!

Hope they catch whoever it is they are after soon and leave you in peace.

My kitchen window was the same a few months back. It freaked me out at night even walking past it. Now ive got a blind up on it the house feels so much cosier...

You didn't tell me that you have moved to St Albans!! LMAO!
We used to get that all the time when we lived there - I know what you are going through
You ladies have managed to freak me out now! I keep looking out the window to make sure no one is there. I am so easily spooked! Haha!

I'm lucky if I even lock my doors at night! I will be doing it tonight though I can assure you.

WOW Twolittleones, where do you live?

Im so paranoid bout locking all the doors & windows and i dont live in a big crime zone or big city.
When im out in the middle of no where I freak out even more. lol..

I am in a small town in country SA, but our house is also on the outskirts of the actual town, in a cul-de-sac so the only people that come up here are the ones that live here.

I have to laugh sometimes because the street we live in sometimes resembles Ramsay Street! LOL! We are all so involved in each others lives and I reckon if someone that didn't know us came to visit, they'd have no idea whos kids belonged to who cos they are always at the neighbours house!!

DH works away too, so when I know he is due home in the early early hours of the morning, I just leave the door unlocked so that he doesn't have to fumble in the dark for his keys.

lol a close friend of mine recently had her house broken into at night. Everyone was sleeping and he stole her laptop from her bedside table right next to where she was sleeping!! This freaked me out so much that I put another set of latches on my doors lol Im so paranoid about locking my doors.
That is so awesome. I would love to live in a street/area like that. Sounds great!!
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