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You know you live in a "great" neighbourhood... Lock Rss

This happens at least once a week where i live. On Thursday on my way home from work we had 2 police response units, approx 10 normal police cars, police everywhere, the ambulence and the chopper approx 2 minutes from my house.

Gotta love my area lmao
We had a police chopper around us a while back.. Scary thing is we live near a maximum security prison haha.. We were standing out the front in the door having a nosey then thought we should probably go back inside haha

We have the police chopper always above! Isn't a weekend, or even a week day without it!

I know I live in a "great" neighbourhood when a car hoons along outside and my dd (19months) say with absolute disgust
"Naught car, naughty boy"

Made me laugh though! smile
But not 10 minutes later when she is still saying "naughty car" but the car has finally gone!
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