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Kmart Toy catalogue is online =] Lock Rss

As title says, Its online (inc prices!)|Super_Toy_&_Entertainment_Sale|20090625

Awesome, thanks for that. Now to compare with Big W.

lol thats what I've been doing, Big W (thanks to you lovely ladies telling me prices)Toys R Us/Myer/Kmart

hmmmm is it just me, or is the kmart one not that exciting??

hmmm, but then they all say they will price match. Perhaps if I pit them against each other I will eventually get all my toys for $1...
Yep i was disappointed as well. The only thing I found of interest was the mega blocks a bit cheaper then Big W

living in a town with no kmart i was planning on driving to the closest kmart with a girlfriend early now seeing the catalogue dont think ill bother. Nothing that we cant go without!

I am still excited to get the Big W catalogue though as we have one in town!


ACE n Jack of HEARTS, i know exactly what you mean. My closest big w is just over an hr away but kmart is 2 1/2 hrs away. Glad i dont have to make that trek now lol

what am i complaing about then? big W is in town Kmart is 1 hour away!

I am impressed with Myers catalogue this year normally i find it heaps more expensive.


Do you have link to the myer one???

ooooh i dont know, i think it looks pretty good
For some stupid reason i cant get into it.. it goes to the page as if its going to open and thats it. i cant open any Kmart catalogues. Im not happy!!

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