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Anyone paid to have asbestos removed? I know it needs to be dismantled carefully and wrapped in plastic and it is expensive to dispose of.

How much did it cost you to have it removed and disposed of? We have a couple of small walls in the house that my need to go if we combine out kitchen and laundry and i fear this will be the most expensive part of the renovation.....

Is OVER rude people

We demolished a house, ourselves, which I presumed was full of asbestos (we were unsure as the markings on the plaster were hard to read. DH spoke with our council, and gave us the details of the protective clothing that was needed (around $100 for suits and masks for the 3 guys that did it).
We lined a trailer with 2 layers of black plastic, and put the sheets in there then folded the plastic over the tops and sealed very well with Duct tape. We had to phone the tip and let them know we were coming and they dug a hole for it to be buried in. All up, it cost about $150 (remember it was a whole house), and the quote we'd had was for a few thousand. Was pretty easy in the end.
That is cheap for asbestos removal! $150!!!

I don't know exact costs as it wasn't me, but my FIL removed asbestos when he was renovating his house. He is an absolute cheap ar$ e and he decided to do it himself.
I am sure the black plastic alone was over $150, and he only did the kitchen.
Then he had to take it to the tip, with the prior phonecall.

He said afterwards, with the hassle of taking it out himself, worrying about if he had all the correct clothing, buying the plastic, loading it up and taking to the tip would have been easier and approx similar price to get the professionals in.

this was about 5 years ago, tradies i am sure charge more now!!!

sorry not much help!
We probably alreadyu had the plastic, so I didn't factor that in lol. I gues as we were demolishing, we really didn't care, and so mess etc wasn't an issue, as it would have been with renovating.

It is worth getting a quote, but not too hard to do it if you have a few mates and some tools. Actually our mates are all tools lol
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Hubby said he will remove it..... but that isn't the best option for 2 reasons.

1) I can not live in a house that has areas exposed for bugs/pests and rodents to enter through, I know he wouldn't get the whole lot done in one day. In the one day he would need to remove the existing kitchen, remove the asbestos, knock out a wall and then reline the walls and patch the hole in the roof (from where the old wall that joined the kitchen and laundry used to be). There is no way in the world he would do all this in one day.

2) Although he is known as Mr Safety at work, his lack of safety used at home is atrocious. I pick him up for things ALL the time, and they aren't little things either.

I am a bit scared as to what price the company is going to come back with.... hubby is thinking around 16.5K, I am thinking it will be closer to 30k! There are so many hidden things that will cropped up when they did the house next door to us and he is taking all that into consideration as chances are it will be the same here...... it all means extra $$$$$

Thankfully this company seems to be pretty upfront and I think their kitchens are fairly priced... it is just everything else that is going to cost a fortune... lol

Thanks everyone.

Is OVER rude people

I used service. Much better.
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