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hi everyone,hoping u lovely people can hepl me here.was going to get a wii for xmas,mainly for the 2 kids,but also for hubby an son will be 7 at xmas an wee girl 4,so its really for son,but want it to be a sharing thing for all of us,not that we really into that son has said he wants a playstn,but i thought a wii seemed more fun,now i confused.really i was not going to let any tv game stuff into the house till kids are teenagers,but seems everyone has something these days an i running out of ideas for xmas pressys for him.hubby prefer his elec guitar than playing games.of course ds time will be limited for wats yre experience wat do yre kids prefer,i see the play stn 2 is cheaper than wii.and with toy sales coming up want be org.thx so much appreciate any

shell 4yr old & 16mth

I have a wii and now i want to sell it and get a playstation 3. They are much better in my opinion and have more games. I liked the wii to begin with but the games arent really up my alley and the wii fit hurt my knee that i have an old injury on so bad i couldnt walk right for a day.

Depends on how you want to use your gaming console.

Wii are very much for party games, family games and interactive games. (Hence the many different remotes you can buy).

Playstations are a little more diverse in the sense that you can buy games for all ages and they tend to hold an interest for longer than the wii games do.

I actually own an XBox 360 which I love, mainly because I can download shows for the kids on my computer and they can watch it via my XBox on the TV. You can actually do this with the playstation as well but it only allows you to watch certain file types.

Don't know that I have been much help, maybe pop down to your local gaming store (EB Games, Game or GameTraders) and ask them a few questions they will be honest even if they are pitching a sale lol.
We used to have a ps2 and then we replaced it with a wii and we MUCH prefer the wii (not sure what ps3 is like tho).

Wii is great if u have little kids.. My 3yo loves playing the sports and it has been really good for his hand eye coordination... and its heaps better than just sitting on ur bum the whole time ur playing.

Posted by: Staaria
I actually own an XBox 360 which I love, mainly because I can download shows for the kids on my computer and they can watch it via my XBox on the TV. You can actually do this with the playstation as well but it only allows you to watch certain file types.

Thats why i want the PS3. We currently have a mediagate that needs upgrading and the PS3 can play the same formats as the mediagate (6x terabite HDD's full lol) so all our files are already the same format for the PS3.

Hubby said to give him a Xbox 360 smile

Hubby said WII is newer but more expensive whereas the PS2 is old now and at the end of it's life but there are plenty of old cheap games available.
You decide on what you want to buy, but they have more fun with the WII.

Hubby is into games of any type, so if you need to ask question just pm and i get him to answer any question you have.

ok we have a 360 and a wii. they are both great. I would go wii if you want to use it as a family thing.

The Wii is awesome for family games and party/social things if you're after something that's interactive and for the whole family.

PS3 is more for your hardcore gamer, the graphics are amazing and the games are a lot more diverse and aimed more at solo players. They are more involved and sooo easy for DH to lose hours at a time playing it!

We have both and I can say that me and the kids love the Wii (DS1 is 7, DS2 is 5) and DH will play with us, but he loves his PS3 for himself. I enjoy watching him play the PS3 games, but I wouldn't play them as it looks too damn hard lol.

Good luck! They're both lots of fun. Personally I would wait til the kids were older for the PS3, esp if you mainly want it for your son smile

Pffft sorry I've just read your post and seen that you were interested in the PS2, my kids have had that one too before we upgraded and it was much more suitable for little ones, there are tons of cheap games and it's lots of fun too! Wii has games where you get up and move around which I love for the kids, but otherwise they are both equally good.

Sorry for the baby brain lol.
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wow thx so much for all the great replies.def,gives me lots to think about .sounds like the wii is a great game for everyone,altho yes a lot dearer,which originally did not bother me but have thought of other stuff really want get the kids to so guess money thing comes into it,we prob spend about $500 each per child,but then they both ahve bdays early january to so have get bday pressys to.swaying towards the wii again,but still thinking ps2 as well,gosh i dunno maybe i sld flag it an wait another yr,they are both young and i had always said no playstns etc in opur house till they are teens,im lucky my hubby jst not into that sort a stuff loves his music to much.forgot also say ds had the ds nintendo,which he loves but not fussed if he not playing it,not on it really that much.anyway thx again look fwd to more replies.ds does love the ps2 when he at friends but then hes never seen the wii.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

We have both and I would recommend the Wii for kids, You can buy games for the whole family to play and some are educational as well. The playstation is my hubby's and it's more of a serious gamers console, if you know what I mean, where the Wii is more family and kids friendly. Hope that helps a bit.
We have an xbox and a playstation 3, and we prefer the PS3.

My brother got a Wii for xmas n i was soooo jealous LOL but once i played it i was very disappointed... The games were just too repetative and the graphics look ancient when compared to the ps3. I know they are different systems and are used for different things, but as much as i used to want a Wii, after seeing what its like, i changed my mind instantly and have never reconsidered.
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