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hi everyone,ok im on aroll today,lots a quest re toys for does anyone who has had or has or knows 4yr old girls,as my wee girl will 4 at xmas,know wat they love the most.want to get her a pink leapster game thing,but not sure if this be best thing or not,any other ideas wat else do wee girls like,do they still play with dolls an stuff.thx look fwd to any replies shell.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Im steering away from most toys for my then nearly 4yr old at xmas.

Im getting the following;

Dora doona cover, and a sheet set.
Ballerina style clothes.
Dancing type shoes.
Dora clothes, and some other pretty things.
Necklaces/bracelets/bangles (not from the jewellers, thatl be the following year).
Hair stuff, ties, bands, clips etc...

Activity books, Puzzle, Thinking of a game thing/laptop game thing. Not sure yet will need to suss them all out.

A fish in a little fish tank.

New Dora towel

3 Little Ones to Love.....

my 4 year old girl is into everything she is learning so much all the time and loves it all.

I dont think you can go wrong?

She would also love a fish and tank although she alrwady has hermit crabs!

Big wooden cubby house as she has outgrown the smaller plastic one.

anything to do with hair and makeup

bike, scooter or roller skates.

jewellery solid gold bangle


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