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3yr old boy toy help? Lock Rss

seeing as the catelogues are out now I'm wondering what to get DS for Xmas and his birthday - he'll be 3.

Duffy gave me the best advice for him for his 2nd - a Thomas train set. Ta for that one!!!
My DS will be 3 in August and im having the same trouble. I was thinking about an oven/stove or bbq. he loves to pretend to cook etc or the work bench & tools.
sorry im not much help..

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More tracks, more engines, what about Toby's Windmill, or the Honey factory. DS has had a few xmas's with us adding to his train set.

The roundhouse. Just look at one of those little catalogues that come with a new engine, and the list is endless!!

Or you could get him a tonka truck for the sandpit, or some Cars gear.
My DS will no doubt get more trains for his ever growing collection for birthday + xmas.

If you have a little Thomas fan, the Great Discovery is a great DVD. My DS knows sections of the dialogue & some of the songs off by heart now and recites it when he wakes up in the morning.

We're also thinking of getting him some good sturdy, kid-sized garden tools (probably from Bunnings or similar) as he's very keen on digging and filling up his two dump trucks (he calls them Max & Monty - from Thomas).

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