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Play cafe - Goldcoast Lock Rss

Just wondering if there was play cafe in the gold coast and what are they called and where are they.


Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

There are a few, there's 2BKids at West Burleigh, Abrakadazzle in Southport, Kell's Kitchen in Southport and I think there are some more but I'm not too sure where they are. You might be able to find a few more with Google.
awesome thankyou. also do you know which would be better for my boys they are 1 and 3.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

We were just on holidays on the GC and went to 2B Kids. My kids are 4 and 21 months and they had fun. Wasn't a huge centre but kept them entertained scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

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