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I'm a mother of three and I work in child care and am amazed at how often I see parents change nappies and then just go on with another activity...

What happened to hand washing?

Every time I update my first aid its the first thing we discuss as far as prevention of spreading disease and bacteria.

At work even our toddlers wash their hands after each nappy change to get them used to the idea that after toileting we wash our hands.

I'd also like to see more information in the media about only wipping frount to back to prevent infection, especially with girls. And making sure that a toilet training child knows to do this also.
I must say I'm a bit of an avid handwasher. Bordering on obsessive compulsive, actually! But, having said that, my kids are so rarely sick, it must play a part. ( Not that all illnesses originate from dirty hands - don't get me wrong). I wash after every change, wash my kid's hands before and after meals and when they come inside after play. It is time consuming, but it's now just routine. I carry wet wipes in the car as well, for times when there is no tap. I am first-aid trained, also, and this had made me more aware. Sometimes, with a toddler that puts everything in his mouth, even at 2.5, it seems like a waste of time, but I still do it. Just watching those shows which show the bacteria and fecal matter on mints and peanuts in bars and restaurants from people who don't wash their hands is enough to make me do it!

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I am quite fastidious with my hand-washing as well. this can be a challenge when changing a nappy away from home and there is no water in sight.

I have found a fantastic product which is ideal for situations when you need to clean your hands but there is no water around. It's called AQIUM GEL (manufactured by a company called EGO) and is an anti-bacterial hand gel which you apply directly to your hands without washing or drying. It consists of 66% ethanol and so doesn't require any rinsing. You can buy it from any chemist with a 375ml container costing about $4.95. They also sell small containers for about $2.95 which are great to pop into your baby bag.

I highly recommend it!


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