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Our back yard is just all mud due to excavations and this afternoon the boys and I have had a blast in it. My youngest (who can only crawl) was covered head to toe - very cute and funny.

However my eldest wouldn't touch it and when he accidently got some on his hand he wanted to rush inside and clean his hands. Is anyone elses child scared of dirt?

And yes this is of my doing but I"m trying to get him more excited about dirt. I even got elbow deep in mud making mud pies but he still wouldn't join in. Any tips to get him to relax a bit more and get dirty???
My medDs was like this he hated his hands to get dirty lol about 3 or 4 he discovered it was fun digging bunkers out the back every where lol

I might add hes 8 now and still doing it lol

My ds was exactly the same and it was totally my fault. on his first birthday he didnt like the icing on his cake because he got dirty hands, but he has now come around but still doesnt like muddy clothes.

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oh good so he is "normal" - ish!
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