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I noticed the 12volt battery operated quad in the Target catalogue and know my son would love that for his birthday,he will be 3.
so what i want to know,
has any one brought one of these?
How many volts is the battery? (my dp thinks 12 volts wont have enough power, our land is hilly)
What age are your kids?
Do you think it was money well spent?

sorry for all the questions im sure they will be expensive and would hate not to get the use out of it. so any other information would be greatly appreciated.


Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

we have one, and it doesn't drive on grass very well at all. It loses traction, and since we have moved the kids haven't ridden it as we have moved from a flat quiet culdersac to a hilly one

they are a lot of fun though

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Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

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