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hi ladies i know wrong section but mods will move later anyways im due on wednesday and my stomach muscles have been hurting me so much to the point i couldnt sleep last night.
it feels like ive done heaps of sit ups and that my stomach hurts
if any1 has had this could u tell me wats wrong

3 lovely kids

Could be some serious stretching pains if your bub is having a big growth spurt in there, or it could be some Braxton Hicks??

You're not far from popping, so I would definitely be blaming the baby who's cooking in there! lol

Ask your midwife/doc/ob when you see them next.
Firstly call your midwife and see what she says and they may want you to go in earlier for a checkup.

Though IMO i would say your body is getting ready to pop. I had alot of pains in the last day or two

Good luck!!

was Bubbagirlsmama

thanks ladies i will give them a call

3 lovely kids

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