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Has anyone had all 4 out at once under g.a??

Dh is getting it done tomorrow and I am wondering how much complaining I will have to put up with??
Joking,I would really like to hear some peoples experiences!


Yes I did and I was A-Ok, I was the worst the cpl of hrs after the GA wore off but then I only needed painkillers that same arvo and the next day I didn't need a thing in the way of pain relief smile

I was also eating soft foods by the next day but I did look like a chipmunk with bruised cheeks and when I laughed my face didn't move which everyone found amusing LOL
I did. I went home and slept it off make sure you have mushy foods and panadol for him smile

Just curious how much is it costing??

I have to have all mine out under G.A as well and have a few quotes ranging from $1800- $3000, and having to go through an oral surgeon.

Thats good to hear some positive responses! I have already planned some homemade soups for him!

It is costing $1180 for the oral surgeon,$250 gap for hospital and around $300 for the anethitist(sp).They can't give a figure til after the surgery as it depends how long it takes.

We get some back from private and medicare not sure how much yet!

Yep, I did indeed.

It sucked big-time in that I was given no-where near enough pain-killing drugs and no chemist would give me any more.

Then there were the holes in my jaw; yes i could feel them with my tongue, kinda gross, minor panic (for me), meh the jaw grew back though.

I hated [b][i]having[/b][/i] to have soup at every meal. And I mean every.

[b]ETA[/b] my health cover paid for the whole deal and the general anasthetic smelt like mushrooms.
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Just want to send best wishes to your DH for tomorrow. (To you as well as it is hard waiting for the one you love to come out of surgery). I hope it is all straight forward for him and over before you both know it. GBH.

Well I won't offer soup for every meal,lol!!!!

You are truly amazing! Thankyou for your best wishes and I hope you are having a good day today!!!

Oh no K&A,one of dh is fully on its side and will more than likely need to be cut in 1/2 or 1/4 to get it out!

I also have jelly,custard,icecream and tinned fruit.So cold stuff too!

i did. it was pretty easy i thought.
just sucks not being able to eat much for a while
hi there,

Yes, i also had x4 wisdom teeth out at once under GA. A couple of year ended up writing a research thesis on how it is done and patient experiences as well as watching the operation being done in day surgery for the whole day!

Bruising, swelling and pain all to be expected..the degree of which depends on how far the teeth are inside the jaw or if they are already present/visible on gumline. Around 10 mins per tooth so around a 40 min operation. Local anaesthetic injected into the gum line to help with the pain when you wake up and ensures that when you do speak it will like you have a fat tongue.

Sleep the first night or two on two or more pillows or more in an upright position in order to minimise swelling around the cheeks. Try not to brush teeth on the first night as it might dislodge any blood clots that have formed where the tooth was and rebleed.

Avoid too hot liquids, warm is ok though.

The mouth after a day or so might not be able to open all the way due to the swelling and may open as little as enough to put a tooth brush inside!

There is so much more but don't want to stress you out as everyone's operation is individual as is the post op recovery experiences and time.

Good luck to your DH (and you) with it.
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Well thanks everyone for your replies!

Lots of good information!

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