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would you say something? Lock Rss

would you say something to a family member that doesn't visit often but when she does is constantly kissing ds (6months) on the mouth and letting him put his fingers in her mouth. She would have kissed him over 10 times in less than half an hour. dh and i don't even kiss him on the mouth.
Not unless she has some illness or sickness that she could pass on to your DS.
However, he's your baby - if you're not comfortable with it, then let her know.
I always kiss my kids on the mouth so I wouldnt say anything unless the person was unwell or had a coldsore. But each to thier own

Cheers Ness

Personally, no. Like pp's said, I would if the person was sick or something.
thanks ladies, i guess i was just worried about him getting a cold or a coldsore. i'll see what happens next time she is over.
If that was happening to my little one i wouldnt be saying anything.Would only have something to say if they were unwell or something.

If you dont like it then maybe have a little chat to them when they come over next.

I would say something! and i have before. My SIL was doing it and i told her to stop especially after i heard about the 6 week old baby dying from catching a coldsore from her mother kissing her mouth... ok i know its a long shot, but still you dont want other people putting there germs in your babies mouth.

i always kiss my kids on the mouth, so thats not an issue for me. What type of family member is she? Mum, sister?? Personally i would not say a thing, as you don't want to stop her from coming all together. maybe thats just her way of showing affection.
I would say something for sure. I don't kiss my kids on the mouth and I wouldn't want anyone else to.
Only DH and I kiss our kids on the mouth. I'd probably say something but make it sound like it's coming from your DS, like '(DS) we give kisses on the cheek don't we?'
We don't kiss our kids on the lips - that's how germs are easily spread. Not to mention the unknown germs that you may come out with a few days later - whooping cough, coldsores, heck, even just a cold.

I'd be saying something.
cathy - its my sil so i def don't want to stop her coming over and i know that she just loves him dearly, maybe i am just being over protective! lol

good idea yeahie, might see how we go next time she visits. she has only just started doing it the last few visits.
thanks again everyone
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