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Excuse me a minuite while I have a little brag Rss


I have lost in total since Mid Jan 28.5kg!!!!

I still have 34kg to lose but im nearly halfway!!!!!
*stands and applauds*

that is a HUGE effort....and a HUGE weight loss lol

well done.
you have worked bloody hard for it so you've earnt fair bragging rights!
I have one word....MILF!!!

Well done smile
That's awesome Nikki. I often think of you plugging away at it, very inspiring smile) And you haven't been around as much - ditched us for jogging, eh? Maybe I should follow you LOL
Wow, well done!

Lol thanks all

Joy not jogging but the gym YES indeed lol. I have been doing a little bit of "running" on the treddy and hope that one day Running will be my friend as well. Everyone keeps telling me I have to embrace the pain and make pain my friend lol Hmmmmmmmm
go you good thing!
WOW that is fantastic. Good for you!!
*Stamps feet*

I demand pictures!!!!!!
WELL DONE! you are on the ball and there's no stopping you! i can seriously picture you down to a size 10 -12.. (im not stalking you lol ive seen the before and after pic)

HAHA Not yet Rouba but I am getting there smile Ive dropped from a 22/24-16 and hopefully soon Ill be in a 14!!!
I am so impressed Nikki. You've quit smoking and gone on a hard core diet and fitness routine at virtually the same time. Well done.
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