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Who says women can't make things?? Lock Rss

Check out what my gf and I put together for my twins b'day this arvo, the whole 45-50 odd pieces of it, go the gals!


(hope this link works perhaps copy and paste, sorry if it doesn't work I have no idea what I am doing lol)

LOL hmmm sorry to burst your bubble but i dont think you copied and pasted a link... you copy and pasted a file link from your computer
you have to load it into tiny pic, then add the link.

aaaah, thanks girls, will try and do that

[Image Removed]

aaaaah! Frustrating, I did try looking on tech forum for how to post a link before I came here, sorry gals for clogging up page sad

when you uploaded the pic, it would have given you a list of links... there is one that says direct link for layout.. use that one

Thanks Amy n Nikkita, copied and pasted

Try this:

hmmmm, now who says women can't make/do things lol lol!!

Wow I'm having major operator issues, here I was thinking my gf and I were sorta clever hehe

oh wow is that the one from big w???


that looks great!!! Where did you get it from?

to do a link, you type it like this...

url] http://i29.tinypic. com/10yp8b8.jpg /url]

without the spaces of course lol

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