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Who says women can't make things?? Lock Rss

wow that's great, you have done a fabuous job!

Hope the girls liked it!

Yep, that be the Big W one and it was just shy of $200. You can even buy the cute matching plates & cups awwwww so cute

Thanks for ya help girls xoxo

i have the same one on layby!! lol

that's some good taste you got there lol. Be weighs a tonne!

yeah i know, i had to pick up the box!!! lol

i also got the cooking set that matches, and the plates set, and the table n chairs lol... she spoilt or what! oh and the emma dollhouse hahaha

just to be sure..........

[Image Removed]

.....dang, never mind, I'll get it one day. Perhaps its a bit late at night for my poor befuddled brain haha...think it may be my bed time hehe

its url, not img

img is when putting a signature

url is when posting a link


not sure why there's spaces in that last url?? I am a lost cause, but I am determined I will get figure it out eventually if not now, in the next couple days thanks so much for your help!!
[Edited on 09/07/2009]


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