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Help me (or atleast reassure me).

Jack went onto formula yesturday and i have not given him the boob since so of course they are HUGE and very uncomfortable and very sore!

Was thinking of expressing some however am worried this will just make the whole process take longer? They are so uncomfortable i would have to express alot to get even a little comfort!

If i leave them how long until they should settle down????

Please dont tell me to feed him a little as this is not a option sad and im already upset enough.


I would hand express a little, to make them comfortable... It will be less than the feed, thus telling your body that bubs isn't drinking as much, so you dont need to create as much...
You may find that you need to express just a few times (4 or 5) and then you wont need to do it anymore. Hopefully over a few days, your body will get the message that it isnt being used as much..

Good luck with it
when i weaned ds, i would skip a feed each day and my breasts adjusted to the bigger gaps in the feeds. once i had it cut down to 1 a day, i stopped altogether. I had one day of real uncomrtableness and then it stopped. May be you could do this (expressing instead of bf) rather than stopping altogether in one go.
I would express a little bit to relieve the presure. I dealt with the pain and ended up with mastitis!
I didnt know you can end up with mastitis!!!! OK i will express a little in the morning if the havent got any better!


Awww Amy! Hope they are feeling a bit better for you? I am still getting my milk come in every now and then and I haven't been feeding DS for 3 weeks now sad

The first 3 days were the worst and then they seemed to settle down a bit. I expressed a bit in the shower with the hot water aimed at them and that felt a bit better. I also got cabbage leaves because the enzymes in the leaves help to dry up milk. I have also been told sudafed works but dont quote me!

WELL DONE ON FEEDING JACK FOR SO LONG! Thought that needed to be said. Seriously, I take my hat off to you Amy. You should be very proud of yourself - and your gorgeous kiddies xo
Thanks Casey i feel like i did well as i fed longer than the girls but im really sad about stopping as he loves it so much. I was pretty much certain that if he cried and refused the bottle tonight i was going to give him the boob!!!!!

So guess what he took the bottle like a natural lol

I will look forward to them calming down after a few more days! Did you stop feeding "cold turkey" or slowly cut back?


Hey there Amy

When I was weaning my DD, I did it gradually. However, I had also been expressing quite a bit prior as she was a reflux girl and it was just all so difficult! but I eventually got down to a morning boob feed, and the other feeds were what i had expressed. I stopped expressing one feed for a 3 days, then another for another few days.
I was all prepared for keeping the morning feed on the boob going, and she more.
Because i had done it gradually over maybe 2 weeks, when she dropped that feed, i barely had any pain. just a little bit of hand expressing in the shower.

DD was pretty much exactly 6 months. she is now 20 months and i still have milk! Well, a slightly cloudy discharge of I check in the shower, which i don't do very often!
I am wondering when the milk totally disappears!!!

Good luck with it all!
I know exactly how you feel. I fed DD#1 the longest but I had a poor supply so was on meds and also she had to get topped up with formula. I was relieved to stop feeding. With DD#2 I just didn't want to after the awful experience with DD#1 and did it under sufferance until it started affecting my moods etc and DH had a chat with me about putting her on a bottle.

DS however I really enjoyed feeding. He loves his boobies LOL... I am still so upset about not being able to BF him for longer. He unfortunately did not want bottles so it was a really heartbreaking process.

I pretty much stopped cold turkey with Chase. Basically I had to go back to work when he was 10 weeks old. I just had no other choice - we can't afford for me to not get paid. I tried to express when I got a chance at work but it is hard when you might be out at a job for a long period of time. I was keen on persevering but Chase wouldn't go from boob to bottle. We would just get him on the bottle and then I would come home from work to feed him and he would refuse bottles again. So he had gotten a few less feeds than usual for the 2 weeks I went back to work then at 13 weeks I stopped cold turkey.

Gosh we beat ourselves up over this stuff don't we? I think we need to remember our babies love us no matter how we feed them Amy
Casey maybe its a boy thing lol

but it is very hard when they are crying when your trying to give them a bottle and you know exactly how to stop it (with the boob) but you keep it away from them.

See i look at your situation and think you did and still do a wonderful job where as me im stopping as my PND is getting out of control and i need to start meds that i cant feed with so i feel as if i am being selfish putting my own needs first?????

Anyway i better go try and get some sleep speak soon


Oh Amy! I see it from a totally different perspective. I think you have done so well putting Jack first for 6 months so he can get the benefit of being breastfed. Now that the PND is flaring up I think you are doing the best thing possible for your kids by going on the meds. I would think it was selfish to keep breastfeeding and let the PND completely overtake your life. By the way, you do a wonderful job and I have seen how you are as a parent first hand and think you are nothing short of amazing.

I feel bad for not bf so I can be out working. I am always thinking maybe I should take LWOP and sell the house etc. Catch 22 isn't it? I think you have an element of guilt no matter what you do!

Hope you get some sleep and the boobies aren't so sore tomorrow. Big hugs xo
ohhh so uncomfortable memories. I left mine and they started to go down on day 3 - by day 7 they were back to "normal" but still producing milk. I think it took almost 3mths for me to totally dry up.

Cold cabbage leaves are meant to relieve it.
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