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All this talk of Mash?????? Rss

what is on your menu for dinner tonight...

Me I might have Sausages, Mash and veges... lol....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Veal Snitzel, Potato Bake, Corn, Beans & Carrots

was Bubbagirlsmama

Well I just made some sausage rolls. Not sure if they'll make it to dinner time though. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

I am making DP cook seeing as i have lost all skills.
He is making rack of lamb with roast potatos, steamed corn, carrots and pumpkin mash. I prob wont eat the potatos though and steam myself another veggi.
Schnitzles, mash, steamed vegies and gravy smile)
Roast, that I don't have to cook, woo hoo!!
going out for dinner here yay!!!!

i''''m baking a baby


I've spent ALL day cleaning so I think I deserve it. gasp)
Well i feel like garlic prawn pizza from Dominos (OMG its so yum!)

BUT alas i have beef casserole in the slowy, and will be having it with mash tato... MMMMM YUM! I LOVE MASH TATO!
I have chicken noodle soup simmering on stove in hopes of it making me feel better. Then as my brother is here staying with me and helping me with kids while I'm sick I better not starve him, so I will also allow the making of egg and bacon sandwiches
Curries sausages and fried rice

We are having Tacos,YUMMO, havent had them in ages!

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