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have you changed the way you live due to the recession?? Rss

We havent really. Being on one wage now means ive cut down spending more so than before DD was born but not alot.

Im definitely trying to budget more with food shopping. Food is so expensive Grrrrr
We haven't. Greg's wage continues to increase and I continue to spend! LOL
No, we haven't changed anything.
lol i have been spending less on groceries, more on house renovations. i am probably spending more now than i ever have before!

Not at all. I've probably spent more in the last 6 months than ever before! Although it's about to get tighter with me finishing work in a fortnight. But still comfortable.
No we haven't. We were already living very simply and growing a lot of our own food, buying in bulk, going local as much as we can and making a lot of our food from scratch. I guess if anything, I feel better about spending stuff when I have to as I figure it has to be helping somebody!
Not really we were living tight then were still living tight to be honest I havnt noticed the "recession", Although all the powers that be have said we as a country havnt really gone into a true recession.

Cheers NEss

I hate to say this cause i know there are alot of people struggling at the moment, but we are doing better now than ever, the interest rates are down we are saving so much from that. DH is alo in a very stable job
Dh is in the building industry so he is feeling it, his job is safe but as his boss is letting go of more staff he has a bigger work load and not getting paid for the extra hours ect. But like Ness said we were living tight before this and we are still living tight and we have moved out of sydney to cut our living expenses.

We havent really felt it. We did for a while there as we were in a car accident and it took 8 weeks to get the insurance through etc.... But now we are back on track with a new car, and everything has gone back to normal.
DF's job is stable, he works for Apple and is the only person in his office that is qualified in networking, servers etc so he is safe and they have just given him a pay rise, so we are ok. And im looking at going back to work soon....
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