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Would you be upset Rss

the inlaws are more interested in DD1 operation than DD2 1st birthday. They have decided to go on holidays the day before her birthday. They where there for DD1 1st birthday and made sure they started a fight with my family. They have no real interest in DD2 (They where upset when they found out I was pregnant with her).

They are making it very clear that they have a favourite

Vent over for now (I real do need a holiday)
I hate it when family members play favourites....

My MIL does that....She likes them when they are babies but as soon as they get older she isnt that interested in them...

I made a rule that if you are going to pay attention to one child you have to pay attention to the other....


Favouring one child over another does nothing for either child. By doing this, your ILs are not helping the child they are favouring at all. Sounds like it might be a good thing that they will not be theor for DD2s birthday after starting a fight at DD1s birthday.

Sending you a GBH.

Did not hear about the fight until the next day. Now my family does not want to be in the same room fair enough considering it was over DD1 and who should be spending time with her(my family are not good enough in their eye)
Ahh my ILs have started numerous fights with my family, so I know how you feel there. But thats not right that they play favourites. That definetely isnt fair to your second child at all, your daughter may be too young to understand now, but she will soon, and it may make her resent her older sister because she receives more attention.
I would definetely be sitting them down and calmly letting them know that what they are doing isnt fair and that it IS noticeable and it needs to stop.
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