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Does it annoy you... Rss

when dh texts to say he's having a few beers after work and will be late for tea?

It doesn't usually urk me, I'm usually cool about this stuff. But today I realised he only ever actually does this when I am being 'needy'. So most of you know I've had teeth out and it's painful - don't you think dh should be coming home to give me a hand with dd?

My days have been hell trying to function and keep a household running when all I want to do is cry.

It seems that men just do whatever the hell they please and still expect a meal on the table when they decide to wander in at whatever time it is they feel they wish to eat.


I know what it is like to have teeth pulled...and i had two kids...But lucky for me it was on DH's 4days off, and when he went back to work, my mum helped out abit...

I dont have the problem with DH going to a mates house for a beer...because 1. he doesnt drink and 2. he has stopped visiting people because he is just too tired after work (works 12hr shifts).

I make tea when I feel like it...and if DH isn't home i just stick in the microwave and he can heat it up later...But when i had my teeth out it was a bit harder to organise tea...



ummm, no, mainly because DH doesn't do it. He doesn't drink either.

Sorry he isn't helping when you need it most. I think he should come home and help you. Have you told him that you need help? Unfortunately males don't have much intuition when it comes to these things and we need to spell it out in very simple terms.

Not all men do what they want when they want - some can be a bit more inconsiderate at times
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He only does it once in a blue moon.. but it always seems to be the time when he needs to be at home.

As it is I'm relying on him to bring me more painkillers home and I'm in agony waiting.

What happened to my caring considerate man? sad

put a tin of baked beans next to a loaf of bread and the toaster, ready for him to come home to!

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Posted by: Gemmagirl
put a tin of baked beans next to a loaf of bread and the toaster, ready for him to come home to!

That's generous. I'd leave the phone book open with the Pizza Hut number highlighted.
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