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Assistance required from those in the know: skin care and make-up Lock Rss

I have acne prone skin and some pigmentation. I don't like to wear makeup as it agrivates my skin, and also I don't like the feel of it. Would mineral make-up give me enough coverage to feel a little bit more decent when I step out of the house? I hate going into shops to ask for advice because I feel uncomfortable with people paying close attention to my skin.
[Edited on 14/07/2009]
[Edited on 14/07/2009]
(Edited becuase of spelling and half of my title is chopped off - which I can't seem to fix. Should read "... those in the know: skin care and make-up")
Mineral make up is the best!

I suffer from eczema and have dry skin at teh best of times, but often aggrevated red horrible blotchy skin! I found many foundations irritated it when I wore them.

I usd clinique for a long time, but then suddenly started having reactions to it, changed to The Body shop foundation and found it to be superb! But then a friend got me onto maybeline mineral make up, and wowee I love it!! It's so good, and it covers redness and pimples, just not looking cakey whilst doing so.

And I find if I am red or flaky from eczema (gosh I smake myself sound like a leper(spelling)!!) it does not irritate the redness and is great coverage.

Give it a try, I was sceptical and reluctant to try it, but sooooo glad I did! It feels like you are not wearing any, but you have coverage.

Hope that helps you somehow!
Ahh I'm the same, Ive managed to settle my acne down (isocol wash) but the moment I wear makeup it flares back up. Mineral makeup doesn't flare it up (unless I leave it on overnight) and its got about the same coverage as any other makeup. It may cost you abit more, but its really worth it in the end, especially if you dont wear makeup much.
Might I just add, I am not in 'the know' but I thought I'd share my personal experiences.

'mummy to ashlee' is a beautician I believe, so she may be able to help you out further.

Thanks, I think I will give it a try. The fact that it doesn't look cakey sounds great too. Can't wait to try it!
have u tried a skin care program thats suited for acne prone skin. i'm a Mary Kay consultant and we have a great program that would really help settle your skin done. if your interested just let me know
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