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how long Rss

before your wedding day did you start planning and paying for things? Is 2yrs to early?
we decided on a date about a year before and booked and put a deposit on the venue straight away, i dont think 2 years is too early, can you book that far ahead?
less then 12 weeks lol. Decided a date checked with the venue and we were set.

Best to decide a venue then go from there.

I have picked the venue and the date. When I spoke with the venue they said they are happy to make the booking now.
I am just wondering if we should book now or wait 6-12mths?
most places will give you a full refund of your deposit if you cancel 3-6 months before the date if thats what your worried about.
I'd book now! Just in case lol

Oh no not worried about that lol.
More so just wondering if it is way too early to be getting excited and planning and paying iykwim.
i dont think so, if its what you realy want then i dont see why not.
less hassle and expense closer to the date.
Thanks for your help
No, I think two years is good! Good organisation in my opinion and you may be able to better negotiate some good deals smile

LOL I have had everything planned for soooooooooooo long.
And now we have finally decided that we will be married on our 10 year anniversary and that's 2yrs away.
Awwwwwww that's romantic! See if you put down a deposit and do a contract whether they will lock you in at current prices - that could save some serious $$

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