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How old do you think is too old? Rss

I was looking at the news and saw the 74 year old lady having ivf treatment and it got me thinking, how old do you think would be the oldest you would have kids.
My partner is a fair bit older than me and have discussed children, but time is maybe not on our side?
I think you've got to look at it from the child's point of view and how long they'll have an active parent in their life.

I think probably the oldest I'm comfortable with is 40years old.

74years shouldn't be allowed with ivf in my opinion.

maybe 40 for us depending on our health and lifestyle

I think 74 is way too old. I would like the be young & fit enough to run around with them & also see them grow up & have their own children. I had my first at 22 & I'll be 26 when our 2nd is born. This may be the last...but lately I'm thinking 3 may be nice, I would want them before I hit my 30's.


My bestie is 42 this November and she will soon be TTC #3. She is a wonderful mother and for HER I don't consider her to be too old. Once menopause strikes, I think you should just let the idea go! 74 IMO is too old, she may be a 'young' 74, but utimatly the child will loose her mother at a young age and I just don't think it is fair on the child. My MIL was 46 when she had her last and she is doing great. The oldest for me would be now! LOL
I thought they had a age limit on ivf, 74 is way too old.
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74 is def way too old!! why people would let her do it is beyond me. Do you think males can be older than females? is it more acceptable?
It probably is more acceptable for males to be older, only for the fact that there is no physical strain on their body's during pregnancy, there bit is a lot easier! Also because generally the father works so it is up to the mother to do most of the day to day things. For us, I don't think Greg would like to be fathering a newborn at 50 when I am 40, so I know I will also have to take that into consideration if I was to have anymore at a later stage.
I always said i would never want to be a mother/father any older than 40, but now my partner is, i've had to adapt. I guess thats the only thing that worries me
I personally think over 40 to have a FIRST child is to old.

For a man thought thats a bit different id say 50 also to have a FIRST child
I was having a chat to a lady in the lavs of a local shopping centre the other day, as I tend to in my many toilet trips these days.

She was saying that she wanted to go surrogate for her daughter, and still was able to, though was blaming her age as a reason why doctors wouldn't let her. She was looking at 60 in a few years. And, might I just say, I was guessing 50ish as her age- she was a stunner. IMHO of course.

Told her of the many elder women giving birth these days, she seemed quite yayed (forgot the bloody word again) by the whole conversation.

bl00dy doctors with their 'maybe's' and 'ifs' and stuff.
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personally i think anyone over 50 shouldn't be allowed to have IVF. It's cruel for those kids. They are going to have a mother that is over 70yrs old when they are only 20!

I wouldnt have any kids past 40. Mainly because ive seen first hand what complications can happen
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