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low libido(or NO libido)? Lock Rss

Another post got me thinking... This is a bit embarressing for me and its taken me all day to build the guts to ask this but here goes..

How long after your bub did it take to get your sex drive back?

I have NO sex drive what so ever. I have had 2 c-sections so its not related to the births. I am also on anti-depressents which can give you probs with your libido. I also find it REALLY painful so because of this we haven't slept together since before I had my last baby who is almost 9 months old.

Any ideas?

Have you been back to see you doctor about it? I don't think it should still be as painful as you say after that long! And yes, AD's will decrease your libido as well, maybe a trip to the doctor is in order?

And to answer your question, about 6 weeks, but no sex during the pregnancy so was well and truly ready for it, lol

Hope you're back on track soon
Zachy is 2.... Only just coming back now. Get some vitamin B6 into you, this has helped me a lot. Though if it is painful you may need to see your doctor, unless it is painful because you are anxious and not relaxing? It is hard isn't it?
wow thats a long time not to have sex!

We got back into it about 4 weeks after each birth. Sometimes its painful or uncomfortable but thats just after my VB.

There are special herbs you can take to increase your sex drive. Ive heard of horney goat weed. Not sure if it works but you can always go to a naturopath.

I haven't felt any different sex drive wise after starting my anti-depressants but i hear a lot of girls do.

Don't feel embarrassed, its a totally normal question! I can go weeks without sex at some times. It really just depends on how im feeling within myself xx
I saw my doctor who wasn't concered at all, she just said I need to try harder to want to have sex as it is important for my realationship and that my husband deserves sex. After that I felt even more guilty.

I have also asked my gynocologist as I had a little op 4 months ago to remove some hi grade pre-cancerous cells he gave me some eastregen(sp?) cream which he thought would have helped but Ive had no change it is still way to painful. He is quite confused as i have had to ceasers so its not related to births. He then suggested it may be a psychology prob and asked me if I love my husband. I was a bit taken back by that question.

I love my hubby so bloody much and he has been nothing but understanding. He had not once EVER made me feel guilty about it all so he has been great, but naturally I feel completly awful, guitly and stupid. I just feel like I'm worthless if u know what i mean.


I am pretty much the same as you, no interest what so ever.
Although if thats what your doctor said I think I would go to see someone else. As the other ladies said there are things you can take, natural or other, that may help. You would think any doctor would suggest some of those possibilities.
Try not to feel worthless, I am sure you are far far from that.

I have seen a few of those natural products but have been to paranoid to take them. I guess I also wanted to make sure it wasn't something else first.

Has anyone else tried those natural products?

Oh wow, reading this is like reading my life!!

it's embarrassing for me to admit it too, although it hasn't been quite as long for me.
i have had 2 c-sections myself, am on anti-depressants, have also had cancerous cells removed form my cervix by laser. only difference is that i have a 9 week old baby.
i have only managed to "do it" twice since having him, i don't really "want" to do it at the moment as i find it too painful and i have ni idea why, the doctor can't see any reason why it should hurt!
so i have started thinking maybe it hurts because i am not realaxed enough, but i can't relax because i don't really have any sex drive!

i also feel really bad.....

2babyboys: Are you breast feeding?

Yes I am, why?

Well all of us with the same prob seem to be b-feeding.. Although as I said earlier the stuff my doc prescribed me is supposed to help replace the lost eastrigen(sp?)...

Just wanted to say that i to am breastfeeding and dont really 'want' sex very often and it hurts ALOT! some positions are a lot worse than others.. usually its like a sharp pain when it hits a certain spot (hope that makes sense)!

I had my kids Vaginally so no c-secs.

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